Sesame Street
Plot The Missing Melon
Air date September 10, 2007
Season Season 38
Sponsors O, 7
Releases M is for Mystery


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN "What's the Word on the Street?" -- mystery

SCENE Gabi, Zoe and Telly are gathered around at a picnic table outside of Hooper's Store for a picnic. Maria brings them a melon and sets it on the table. They briefly turn their attention away from the melon while Telly shows them the triangular napkins he brought. But when Telly goes to get the melon, he finds it's missing! Everyone is confused - where did the melon go? It's not under the table.

The disappearance of the melon is a mystery to them. This looks like a job for the Telly Detective Agency! When Zoe learns what a detective is, she begs to join Telly on the case. They don't quite know where to start, so Gabi suggests they ask some questions. Telly starts questioning everyone, including the viewer: when did they last see the melon, and what were they doing at the time? No one has a good answer.

Telly has a plan: put another melon on the table, then hide, and watch the melon to see if the culprit strikes again. Maria doesn't have another melon, but she does have an orange. With Zoe's help, Telly places the orange on the exact spot where the melon was. While they decide where to hide, the orange moves off the table by itself!

Telly is not only a detective - but a master of disguise! He uses his elaborate melon disguise to lure the culprit. As Zoe assures the viewer that she'll keep her eye on Telly - er, the melon - it starts moving against its own free will! Where is it being taken? Zoe gets out her magnifying glass, and sees little footprints on the tablecloth! Zoe follows the footprints, which lead onto the street.

Telly the melon finds himself in the garden, sitting on a table, next to the first melon, a small teddy bear, and the orange. Zoe's detective work leads her to that table, where she has followed an ant! Telly asks the ant if she knows how the fruit got on the table, and the ant admits to gathering it for her teddy bear picnic ("We don't have grocery stores, you know"). Gabi finds them, and they all have the picnic.
Muppets The singing fruits do a hip-hop song, "Eat Your Favorite Fruits," over footage of kids eating fruit.
Celebrity Mariska Hargitay tells the viewers what a mystery is.
Film Detective Jane Tuesday looks for a snack both crunchy and sweet. She finds it thanks to her brother, munching on an apple.
(First: Episode 4086)
Song Apple song
(First: Episode 4083)
Celebrity Elmo practices football and singing the alphabet with four of the New York Jets.
Song "The First Time" - Children try various activities (riding tricycles, tying shoes, etc.) and progressively improve.
(First: Episode 2950)
Muppets The Letter of the Day: O
Prairie Dawn assures Cookie Monster that the letter O is not a cookie and does her best to intervene, but he eats it anyway as a means of "making sure." Oh!
(First: Episode 4070)
Cartoon Soul O
(First: Episode 3375)
Film The letter O is in the house tonight! A man break-dances around the letter O.
(First: Episode 4030)
Muppets Abby Cadabby, Rosita and Zoe are playing and reminiscing about when Abby first arrived on Sesame Street. At first she was too shy even to say hi, but all Rosita and Zoe had to do was ask if she wanted to play, and now they're friends.
Film A girl uses an instant camera to take pictures of her friends, who demonstrate several emotions.
(First: Episode 3582)
Muppets The Number of the Day: 7
Seven dancing chickens show up for the number of the day.
(First: Episode 3990)
Film Seven kids dance on a playground to the same beat.
(First: Episode 3844)
Animation Seven cool cats on the prowl
Artist: Laura di Trapani
(First: Episode 4031)
Song "They're Not Alive"
(First: Episode 3661)

Muppets Desperate Houseplants: Stinky the Stinkweed and a female plant (recycled from Stuckweed) are desperate for sunlight and water, until the scantily dressed gardener arrives to care for them. According to the announcer, Desperate Houseplants airs on the Bloom Network.
(First: Episode 4099)
Song "Don't Waste Water"
(First: Episode 2804)
Cartoon A story of a cat who hated rain, wished for it to stop, and witnessed the disastrous effects of no rain.
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 2724)
Film A boy signs the word cat, and morphs into one.
(First: Episode 3323)
Muppets Elmo's World: Bugs
(First: Episode 3917)
Insert The Adventures of Trash Gordon
Chapter 269
On the Planet of the Stinky Sock, Trash copes with its lone resident by taking off his own sock, forming a pair.
(First: Episode 4114)

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