Bear in the Big Blue House
414 Appreciation Day
Premiere July 7, 2003
Written by P. Kevin Strader
Director Dean Gordon
Theme Appreciation

Shadow with Bear & Tutter

It's an ordinary day at the Big Blue House, but Bear decides to check his calendar, wondering if there's anything special coming. He checks his calendar and finds that tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Day. Wondering if Tutter and the other mice at Mouse School know, he decides to tell them before soccer practice. It turns out when he arrives that the mice were just in the middle of talking about how much they like Miss Maxwell. Bear decides to split them all into teams of two, and partners Tutter with Lilly to make Miss Maxwell a gift. Tutter's not too sure about the arrangment at first, worrying that the shy and quiet Lily won't be very good at helping him to make Miss Maxwell a gift. Bear, however, persuades Tutter to give Lily a chance and things start coming together nicely. They write a poem for Miss Maxwell. There's another special appreciation surprise later on. In the Shadow segment, Shadow retells Aesop's Fable 'The Lion and the Mouse'.



  • Teacher Appreciation Day (also known as National Teacher Day) is celebrated on the first Tuesday of the first full week of May. Bear's calendar in this episode shows Teacher Appreciation Day on Tuesday, May 7th.
  • This episode marks Shadow's first appearance since Welcome To Woodland Valley (Part 2).


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