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Sesame Street
Hurry Up! You're Running Out of Time!
Air date October 29, 2008
Season Season 39 (2008)
Written by John Weidman
Production February 6, 2008
Sponsors Z, 18
Syndication PBS Kids Sprout
Releases ABCs with Elmo, HBO Max


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Distract

SCENE Chris welcomes the viewer as he and Telly watch the TV in Hooper's. They watch Telly's favorite game show, "Hurry Up! You're Running Out of Time!" hosted by Guy Smiley. The contestant tries to count to 20, but Denny the Distractor (Gilbert Gottfried) distracts him and he loses. Guy announces that their next show will be live from Sesame Street, with contestant Telly Monster! Telly is in doubt, until he hears noise outside the store...

SCENE cont'd Telly rushes outside and finds himself on his favorite game show. His task is to say the alphabet in order to win, but Denny distracts him with songs and noises, making him lose. But, Guy gives him another chance and the opportunity to have someone help him. However, Gordon and Maria are too busy to help him.
SCENE cont'd Chris arrives on the scene, and Telly enlists him to help him. They begin playing, but despite Chris's assistance, Telly becomes distracted by Denny and loses again. Telly gives up in frustration, but Chris assures him they'll make it through their last chance. Focusing only on Chris and nothing more, Telly succeeds and they win! He wins a trip to the beach, but it’s only for one and Telly would rather share his prize with Chris and opts for something else: saying the alphabet again with his friend, with no distractions or time limits.
SCENE cont'd Now with all the time they want, Chris and Telly don suits and perform "The Alphabet Song" with the Oinker Sisters. Denny tells them to keep down the distracting noise.
Song "I Tried"
Celebrity / Muppets Megan Mullally tries to talk about the word distract, but is distracted by a pig on a pogo stick, a singing stalk of broccoli and a dancing chicken.
Animation Mannequins in a store window dance.
(First: Episode 4050)
Animation Portraits of kids display the alphabet.
Artist: Lisa Crafts
(First: Episode 3203)
Muppets The Letter of the Day: Z
Prairie Dawn decides to give Cookie Monster a plate of cookies so he doesn't eat the letter Z, but alas, as Prairie lectures, Cookie Monster eats all the cookies and then proceeds to eat the Z.
(First: Episode 4082)
Cartoon Zelda walks through a giant zipper into the Z Zone.
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 3789)
Animation The Letter Z in various typefaces.
(First: Episode 2855)


Muppets Murray Has a Little Lamb
Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela with the clues of un sartΓ©n (a pan), una espatula (a spatula), y un sombrero de cocinero (a chef's hat). The school turns out to be a cooking school, where kids practice cooking various things. Today, they learn how to make stuffed corn tortillas.
(First: Episode 4170)
cut from the HBO Max version
Cartoon Caroline and Christopher have something to eat for energy.
(First: Episode 4109)
Muppets The Number of the Day: 18
A jumping number 18 arrives as the Number of the Day. (additional organ voices added).
(First: Episode 3993)
Film In time-lapse, a man makes a puzzle of an 18.
Cartoon A spoof of Alice Cooper's "Eighteen" - the number of sandwiches the singer has to choose from.
(First: Episode 2859)
cut from the Sprout version
cut from the HBO Max version
Muppets Waiter Grover: Mr. Johnson gets a different waiter for a change, a light blue monster named PiΓ±o. Then Grover comes by and argues with PiΓ±o over which one of them is serving Mr. Johnson.
(First: Episode 3061)
Song Cookie Monster sings "Food" over footage of kids eating.
(First: Episode 4059)
Muppets Elmo's World: Teeth
(First: Episode 3919)
Insert At night, Abby hangs out with Gina and Marco and plans to read him "Real People Tales" as Leela announces the sponsors.
Uses footage from a previous scene.


Picture Segment Description
Muppets Global Grover
Grover is carrying a heavy bucket of fish he carried back from Angola, a country in Africa. He tells us that villagers there carry buckets of fish on their heads. Grover attempts to balance a single fish on his head, but gets his head stuck in a bucket instead.
This segment replaced the "Murray Has a Little Lamb" segment in the HBO Max Version.
IMG 3300.png
Animation Masked March #18
(First: Episode 3427)
This segment replaced the "Eighteen" cartoon in the Sprout and HBO Max versions.

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