Sesame Street
The Help-O-Bots
Air date November 5, 2008
Season Season 39 (2008)
Written by Joey Mazzarino
Sponsors Y, 17
Syndication PBS Kids Sprout
Releases Elmo Can Do It!
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Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Robot


SCENE 1 Chris welcomes the viewer and counts the pies that were just delivered (counting 17 pies total). Elmo, Telly and Rosita rush to him and ask him to read a book to them. Chris begins the book, which is about a helpful robot named Rico who loves to help en la manana (the morning), en la tarde (the afternoon) and en la noche (the night). After the story, Chris goes back to work and remarks a robot like that would be of good use to him, which sparks an idea in the monster’s heads.
SCENE 1 cont’d Chris starts stacking the pies away when he is startled by Telly wearing a robot costume, causing Chris to drop the pie boxes. However, he claims he’s not Telly, but one of the Help-o-Bots. He introduces the rest of the crew. They show the things they can do, such as going forward and backward and rotating. They can also pick things up and demonstrate by picking up the boxes Chris dropped. Chris accepts their help.


SCENE 1 cont’d The Help-O-Bots begin helping stack the pies, but they start going faster , resulting in a big mess (and a pie on Chris’ head). The Help-O-Bots offer their help to clean the store with their “built-in” cleaning equipment. They start cleaning, but end up making the mess worse (and sending another pie Chris’ way). Chris asks that they stop helping him clean and go help someone else using their talents. They all claim they’re good at saying the alphabet, but find it unlikely someone would need help with it…
SCENE 1 cont’d …until a man rushes into the store, looking for someone to help him find the letter after G. The Help-O-Bots can’t help him, but the Alpha-Beta Bots can! They say the alphabet for the man who thanks them and goes off on his way. The Alpha-Beta Bots cheer for their success and go off to find more people with alphabet-related trouble.
SCENE 1 cont’d Just then, Rico, the robot from the book, enters Hooper’s, not to help Chris, but for lunch. He orders a motor oil smoothie and a 9-volt on rye. (“And charge it please!”)
Cartoon A boy and robot share lunch.
Song Carrot song
(First: Episode 4086)
SCENE 2 The Alpha-Beta Bots introduce the letter of the day, Y.
Film A woman makes a Y in yoga.
Animation His Y, Her Y
(First: Episode 4002)


Muppets Murray Has a Little Lamb
Murray’s lamb, Ovejita, takes him to yet another secret escuela with the clues of un tambor (a drum), pallitos (drumsticks) y tocar el tambor (play the drum) . The school turns out to be drumming school. At school, Murray learns all about the different kinds of drums and how to play each one properly while Ovejita uses drum mallets.
(First: Episode 4172)
SCENE 3 The Alpha-Beta Bots now be come The Number Bots to show the viewer the number of the day, 17.
Animation Ornate 17s swing by.
(First: Episode 3319)
Cartoon Seventeen horn instruments emerge from 17 cases.
(First: Episode 3964)
Cast Miles shows the kids the "Forward Backward Dance."
Film DJ Rob Swift from the “Scratch DJ Academy” in New York City and animated character show forward and backward on the turn table. (Animation by Matt Semel)


Muppets / Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures
Bert and Ernie are now the world’s greatest inventors, making their latest creation. They name their new robot Frankie and begin commanding it to do things, such as squeaking Ernie’s duckie or yodeling. Bert makes him do something “useful” by making Frankie knit him some argyle socks. He leaves to get a pair as a visual aid, leaving Ernie alone with the robot. Frankie gets carried away with Ernie’s orders and makes a mess of the lab. Bert stops the madness by asking Frankie to “please stop.” He makes Ernie and Frankie clean up, then joins them in their clean-up dance.
Film A man learns how to do the Robot Dance.
Muppets Elmo's World: Helping
(First: Episode 4160)
SCENE 4 The Alpha-Beta Bots present the sponsors and say goodbye, or in robot, “Blerg!”


Picture Segment Description

Muppets / Film Global Grover
Grover travels to Mongolia to watch the traditional Mongolian bowl dance. His friend Shali goes to a school to learn how to learn the difficult skill. Then, Grover performs his own version.
(First: Episode 4039)
This segment replaces "Murray Has a Little Lamb" in online releases

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