Sesame Street
Baby Bear's new babysitter
Air date November 7, 2008
(season finale)
Season Season 39 (2008)
Written by Christine Ferraro
Sponsors N, 18
Syndication PBS Kids Sprout


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Fabulous

SCENE Gina plays with Marco and meets an excited Baby Bear and Curly Bear. Baby Bear explains that tonight, his parents are going out to dinner, leaving them with their favorite babysitter, Grandmama Bear. However, Mama Bear and Papa Bear arrive with bad news: Grandmama Bear came down with a cold and can’t come over. Baby Bear is crushed, but Gina points out Gabi nearby and finds her an excellent babysitter. Gabi accepts the job, but Baby Bear doesn’t think too well of it.
SCENE cont'd As Curly runs around, excited for Gabi to arrive, Papa Bear confronts Baby Bear about having any problems. Baby Bear covers up his own fears by claiming Curly’s the one who’s afraid of a new babysitter. Gabi arrives, which means the parents must go. Baby Bear tries to stall their departure as much as he can.
SCENE cont'd First, Gabi wants to play a game, but Baby Bear points out that when their grandma is there, they always eat porridge-raisin cookies. Gabi doesn’t know how to make those, but has granola bars instead. Covering his problems again, Baby Bear claims that Curly won’t like the bars, but to his surprise, she loves them! Baby Bear tries one and enjoys it as well.

SCENE cont'd Gabi asks the children what they want to do now and Baby Bear claims that Grandma Bear would sing some golden-oldie bear songs, but Gabi doesn’t know any. However, she believes they can make up a new one and she cracks up a beat. She makes up a new song called “Doing the Bear”, which Baby Bear loves. Now, Gabi wants to play a game (which is exactly what Grandma Bear would do now), but she doesn’t know any bear games. Baby Bear finally sees the light and realizes “Curly” doesn’t have to do everything the same way they did it before. They begin playing all sorts of games, such as tag and “Ring Around the Rosie”.
SCENE cont'd Mama Bear and Papa bear arrive back, but the kids don’t want her to leave, but they rejoice at the idea of her coming back again.
Cartoon "Family Dance"
Artist: Karen Aqua
(First: Episode 3487)
Muppets / Celebrity Kim Cattrall thinks a fairy with flapping wings that sparkle, a blues-singing shoe and a dancing robot are fabulous!
Cartoon "Ooh What a Fabulous Party"
Artist: Sally Cruikshank
(First: Episode 3006)


Muppets Murray Has a Little Lamb
Murray’s lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela. His clues this time are una pala (shovel), tierra (dirt) y vegetales (vegetables). The school is revealed to be gardening school, where Murray how to grow and take care of plants.
(First: Episode 4173)
cut from the Sprout version
Cartoon Healthy Food Song: Artichoke
(First: Episode 4099)

Insert Alan invites Telly, Big Bird, Elmo and Abby to Hooper’s for tomato soup. However, they each sing about a different way of getting there that the others can't use. Alan solves their problem by showing them they don’t have to go the same way. They all sing as they go to Hooper’s, attracting a larger crowd for lunch.
Animation Traction Jackson sings, “Fruit Snack Samba” to his dog Bernie sing about choosing fruits as an anytime snack.
(First: Episode 4089)

Insert It’s now Marco’s bedtime, but he doesn’t want to sleep. Gina realizes she’s forgotten to show him the Letter of the Day, which he can’t sleep unless seeing. (“I know it’s a little weird, but you go with what works.”) She picks up a block with an N on it and he falls fast asleep.
Film A man types N words on his computer. "Only 25 more to go!"
Cartoon Rodin's Thinker thinks about the letter N, eventually getting up to nibble some noodles.
(First: Episode 3978)
Muppets / Celebrity Zoe watches as Lorena and Lorna Feijóo perform their version of the Lamberena dance. Zoe notes how similar their version is to her own, only hers involves a dancing lamb.
Film Everybody dance now! Kids in all sorts of situations and locales dance.
(First: Episode 3992)
Insert Gina finds Marco awake again and tries putting him to sleep with the Number of the Day. She whips out his “18 Bears” book and quickly goes to sleep.
Animation The number 18 in space.
(First: Episode 3696)
Animation 18 bears in 18 chairs.
(First: Episode 4097)
Muppets Elmo's World: Families
(First: Episode 3975)
Insert Gina checks up on Marco as he sleeps and announces the sponsors (which appear in Marco's dreams).
So ends the 39th season of Sesame Street.


Picture Segment Description
Muppets Global Grover: Grover returns from Egypt with his camel Sidney. In his film, Ahmed and his father visit their relatives in the country. The relatives send them home with a basket filled with food from the farm. Afterwards, Grover prepares to eat the basket of lunch that he brought back...but Sidney ate it all.
(First: Episode 4056)
This segment replaces "Murray Has a Little Lamb" in the Sprout version

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