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Sesame Street
Inspected by 4
Air date January 1, 2010
Season Season 40 (2009-2010)
Written by Joey Mazzarino
Sponsors R, 4
Syndication PBS Kids Sprout
Releases YouTube


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Inspect


SCENE Telly and Elmo are helping Leela in the Laundromat when they hear someone yell "FOUR!" Suddenly, Inspector Four (Judah Friedlander) arrives. He explains his job: he inspects places to make sure they have 4 of something (no more, no less) and demonstrates the stamp he gives if they pass inspection. He goes around the Laundromat and finds three driers, two washing machines and one basket, none of which are four and states he must shut down the Laundromat. However, they point out four bottles of fabric softener, which means they pass! He gives them a stamp and leaves to inspect other places, with Telly and Elmo following to make sure nothing on Sesame Street gets shut down.

SCENE cont'd At Hooper's Store, Chris prepares some peanut butter sandwiches for Baby Bear's T-ball team. Inspector Four enters (with Telly and Elmo) and uses his official counting stick to count the 10 sandwiches. Since there are more than four sandwiches, he must shut down Hooper's. Elmo gets an idea to subtract sandwiches and has Telly eat some until they have four left. Inspector Four passes the store and leaves to inspect some more. Now out of peanut butter, Chris makes some grilled cheese sandwiches instead.


SCENE cont'd A letter R (Leslie Carrara-Rudolph) introduces herself and an R word: rake. Inspector Four finds she only has one R word and threatens to shut the letter down. Elmo gets another idea and has Telly add more R words. He dashes back and forth and brings back a rose (which Inspector Four thinks is bribery), a rock (an attempt at rendering him useless as interpreted by the Inspector) and a rodent. Now with four R words, the R passes and can stay open. Inspector Four then receives a call from his superior, who promotes him to "Inspector Five". He goes back around the street, looking for 5s, with Telly and Elmo in hot pursuit again. Says R: "Ridiculous."
Muppets / Celebrity Jimmy Fallon and Elmo inspect each other and the viewer.

Muppets Murray announces Abby's Flying Fairy School is coming, but first, it's time for the letter R. He and some New York citizens play "Bring Out Your R", with Murray asking them to show him R words.
Film R for Run: A montage of kids running.
Muppets Murray and Jake introduce Abby's Flying Fairy School.
(First: Episode 4190)


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
Mrs. Sparklenose steers the school to their field trip location: Colonial Trolliamsberg. However, Blogg (being half-Troll) seems down about the trip. When they arrive, the Troll guard asks them a riddle so they can pass: "What has one line down and one line across and you need it to tickle and toss?" The guard also notices Blogg's wings, which he tries claiming are "armpit-coolers". Gonnigan and Abby ask Spot, who shows them the alphabet. They then realize the answer is the letter T.
Inside the town, Blogg makes more attempts to hide his wings by putting a backpack over them (causing everything inside to spill out) and a large sweater. Abby and Gonnigan meet a candlestick maker, who asks them to estimate how many ears full of wax it'll take to make one candle. Gonnigan's guess turns out to be right (6 ears worth). They then head to the center of town, where Garfunkel the Griffin is performing. However, Niblet's flash-photography causes Garfunkel to freak out and angrily fly to the sky and the only to get him down to whisper "Nap time" in his ear. Abby tries, but the person must be a troll. Mrs. Sparklenose explains to Blogg that sometimes "Differences make the difference", boosting his confidence and he flies up to put Garfunkel to sleep. Everyone in the town reveres him.
Celebrity Keb Mo sings "Everybody Be Yo'Self" with the Sesame Street cast
(First: Episode 3969)

Muppets Murray announces it's almost time for Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures, but first, it's time for the number 4. Murray counts 4 of things, including musicians, kids and the wheels on Tony Hawk's skateboard.
(First: Episode 4191) (with "Murray Has a Little Lamb" mention)
Film Four beatboxers
Muppets Murray and a large group of kids introduce Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures.
(First: Episode 4195)

Muppets / Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures
Bert and Ernie are enjoying a day at sea, when Ernie spots a character in the water, which Bert doesn't believe. Ernie dives under and meets Ethel Mermaid, who plays tag with him. Meanwhile, a nasty rat parks his boat right next to Bert and begins tossing trash into the water. Ethel agrees to meet Bert, but gets caught in some of the rat's garbage. Bert and the rat hear her air bubbles popping with yelling coming from them and offer to help. The rat attaches his anchor to the trash and pulls, setting her free. They then collect the trash from the ocean floor.
Muppets Since "Elmo's World" is near, Murray gives a demonstration of near and far.
(First: Episode 4188)
Animation Sand creatures illustrate the song, "Sing," with vocals by Stephanie D'Abruzzo.
(First: Episode 3981)
Muppets Murray and Navin introduce "Elmo's World".
(First: Episode 4190)
Muppets Elmo's World: Cameras
(First: Episode 4108)
Muppets Murray looks at a large screen to announce the sponsors.


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