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*Come on In
*[[Come on In]]
*Clean Up the Truck
*Clean Up the Truck

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Bear plans to head out into Woodland Valley to do some volunteer work, but is sidelined when he trips and falls on a skateboard left out by Pip and Pop. His "extreme skateboarding" has left him with a sprained toe, as diagnosed by Doc Hogg. Pip and Pop, as well as Tutter, Treelo and Ojo want to help out Bear, so Doc Hogg suggests they do some volunteering in his place. At first they're not sure they can do anything to help, but agree after being encouraged by Doc Hogg and Bear.

Doc Hogg drops off Tutter, Pip and Pop at the library and Ojo and Treelo off at the fire station. At the library, Tutter, Pip and Pop find that a lot of Bear's volunteering there involves heavy lifting, but decide that they can help out with storytime. As they read Little Bunnies on the Glen to a group of actual little bunnies, Ojo and Treelo try to help out at the fire station. They can't change the tires on the fire truck, Bessie, like Bear was going to, but they can help to clean it up.



  • This episode also appears in online listing as "Volunteers of the Woodland."


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