Sesame Street
What's That Noise
Air date October 1, 2010
Season Season 41 (2010)
Sponsors H, 13
Syndication HBO
Releases Learning Rocks


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Pasta

SCENE Elmo is sleeping over at Maria and Luis' apartment. When Elmo tries to sleep, he hears a strange noise. He calls them in, but the sounds stop when they listen. Elmo hears it again when they leave. Maria points out Mrs. Mazzarino's cat on the fire escape and claims that what he heard, when the noise happens again. They run all over the room trying to find the source.

SCENE cont'd Elmo hears it on the couch. They lift up a pillow and find a bouncy insect underneath. Luis looks up on his laptop that the bug is a grasshopper. Maria tries to catch the bug with the pasta strainer, when Big Bird enters to tell them good night. Elmo shows him the bug, who starts to freak out. Luis consults the internet again to find out that some birds eat grasshoppers. Big Bird comforts the bug, stating he eats food like birdseed cookies. He takes a plate of cookies back to his nest.
SCENE cont'd The grasshopper now finds a home under the couch. Super Grover crashes into the room to help. He tries using his "grasshopper call" to bring it out so they can catch it, but he calls "MOO!" instead, attracting a cow. When Maria points this out, the grasshopper comes back out. Super Grover goes to catch a horsefly, using his horsefly call ("Neigh!") A horse appears; it's his ride.
SCENE cont'd Maria and Luis don't know how they can lure the bug out of the apartment. Elmo has an idea... He runs out and re-appears in costume, singing "Hop This Way" with Rev Run. The grasshopper, Luis and Maria follow them out of the building.
SCENE cont'd In the garden, they put the bug in the dirt to sleep. Elmo, tired as well, is carried back to the apartment, wishing the grasshopper to sleep "as snug as a bug in a rug."
Muppets / Celebrity Kara DioGuardi and Chef Elmo show the various kinds of pasta.

Muppets Murray announces Abby's Flying Fairy School is coming up, but first it's time for the letter H. He and the folks of New York play "Bring Out Your H" as they show Murray H words.
(First: Episode 4187)
Film Two kids identify H words in their clubhouse.
(First: Episode 4187)
Muppets Murray and Navin introduce Abby's Flying Fairy School.
(First: Episode 4188)


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
Abby and Gonnigan work on their magic macaroni art. Blogg uses magic to create a life-size Macaroni dinosaur. With a touch of "The Spice of Life", he brings his creation to life. However, it begins wreaking havoc all over the class room, wrecking everything. They try various methods of stopping it, including making a Macaroni stop sign, but to no avail. Mrs. Sparklenose suggests they "Spot the solution." They call on Spot, who shows them things that are humongous. They get the idea they need something big to stop him. A large wall doesn't work for them, however. Blogg comes up with a giant meatball, which the Macaronisaurus begins playing with. Everyone cheers, while the giant meatball pins Blogg to the floor.
(First: Episode 4207)
Muppets Murray announces it's time for "Super Grover 2.0", but first, he counts 13 of things.
(First: Episode 4206) (with "Murray Has a Little Lamb" mention)
Insert The Count counts thirteen swings in the tire.
(First: Episode 4122)
Muppets Murray and Nika introduce "Super Grover 2.0".
(First: Episode 4213)

Muppets Super Grover 2.0
A cactus tries to play with his new ball, when something starts happening to it. Super Grover 2.0 arrives and begins to use his powers of observation. He sees the ball is shrinking, making a hissing noise (thinking there's a snake inside), air is getting blown at him and there's a hole in it. Grover tries to comfort the cactus, but pricks himself on its stems. The cactus realizes he put the hole in it. Grover helps more by find a ball he can play with. He fetches a bowling ball, which is too heavy. He gets a snowball from Antarctica, but it falls apart when thrown. Grover pulls a hero sandwich from his utility sock, when the cactus notices the foil wrapping can be made into different shapes. Grover makes it into a ball, which becomes the perfect ball for a cactus. They play some catch and Grover asks for a hug. Getting several stems poking him, he claims he's now losing air.
Muppets Murray announces "Elmo's World" is coming and gives a demonstration of upside-down and right-side-up.
(First: Episode 4187)
Cartoon Bugs Song” (vocals by Jennifer Barnhart)
Artist: Jane Aaron
(First: Episode 4175)

Muppets RSI: Rhyme Scene Investigation.
(First: Episode 4135)
Muppets Murray and Rachael introduce "Elmo's World."
(First: Episode 4189)
Muppets Elmo's World: Ears
(First: Episode 4032)
Muppets Murray tries announcing the sponsors, but forgets them. He rethinks the day, announces them and signs off.


Picture Segment Description
Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School: Sheepytime
(First: Episode 4215)
This segment replaces the "Macaroni-saurus" segment in the HBO Kids version.
Muppets Elmo's World: Jumping
(First: Episode 4100)
This segment replaces Elmo's World: Ears in the HBO Kids version.

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