Bear in the Big Blue House
421 Big Blue Home of the Brave.JPG
Premiere October 28, 2003
Written by P. Kevin Strader
Director Dean Gordon
Theme Brave

When Miss Maxwell notices Tutter's enthusiasm for singing the "Woodland Valley Mouse School Song", she asks him to sing the Emmentaler Solo in the upcoming recital. Tutter is nervous at first, but the other mice express their approval of the idea, so he agrees. Later, his doubts resurface when practicing at the Big Blue House, but his friends offer him reassurance. Bear discusses the idea of bravery and notes that being brave often means simply trying something new. For example, as Ojo's skill on her bike continues to improve, she once again decides to try taking off her training wheels.




  • The closing credits state "This episode is dedicated to Dean Brent McCune Jr."
  • This episode usually appears in online listings as "Blue Home of the Brave," but the title shown at the beginning of the episode is "Big Blue Home of the Brave."
  • Ojo first tried riding her bike without the training wheels in "Step by Step," but she decided she wasn't ready yet. In this episode, she has Bear remove them again, but this time, she is able to ride without them.

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