Bear in the Big Blue House
422 A Trip to the General Store
Premiere October 20, 2003
Written by Claudia Silver
Director Dean Gordon
Theme Money

On a nice day, Bear decides to make a trip to the General Store to pick up some things he needs. Hearing that he's going to the store, everyone in the Big Blue House asks if they can come too, and Bear agrees. They ask him just how the whole process of buying things and getting money works, so he tells them all about how to earn money and how clams are used as currency in Woodland Valley. Bear wants to get going to the store, but instead they all split up to find ways to earn money. Finally, they all get going to the store. But something happens at the store that teaches them another lesson entirely. Also, Bear spends some time with Shadow at the store, and she tells him a story about a turtle who saved money.



  • To make money, Ojo, Treelo and Tutter create a lemonade stand. Sales are slow, but they sell Bear cookies and lemonade for a total of four clams. The lemonade was made with salt instead of sugar and Bear gets a horrified look on his face after he gulps down an entire pitcher full. Pip and Pop make money by gathering clams, which they sell to Lois, who says that she'll make jewelry out of them. They receive two Woodland Valley clams for their sale.
  • Two rabbit characters are introduced in this episode --- a little boy named Billy and his mother Bonnie. Their home was flooded in the storm that wrecked the library in " Welcome to Woodland Valley."
  • Jeremiah Tortoise is the sole proprietor of the Woodland Valley General Store.

Goofs and Nitpicks

  • In this episode, the characters all use a form of currency unique to Woodland Valley --- clams. However, in "The Yard Sale," they all used dollars and cents.

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