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Sesame Street
Twins Day on Sesame Street
Air date December 10, 2010
Season Season 41 (2010)
Written by Annie Evans
Directed by Joey Mazzarino
Sponsors S, 2


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Identical
SCENE The Count counts all the party supplies for Hooper's Store’s Twins Day celebration. Abby and Zoe asks Chris about the decorations. He explains the day and introduces them to his twin sister, Christy. The two girls notice the bond Chris and Christy have, as well as their in-jokes (such as saying β€œThree lines” instead of β€œpeace”). They decide to pretend to be twins so they can go to the party.

SCENE cont’d Outside the store, Abby and Zoe try to do things the same to be twins. They try standing on their heads, doing pirouettes and standing on one leg, but can’t achieve any of them. Abby wonders if they can be twins some other way and head back into the store.

SCENE cont’d Back in the store, the party has begun and the store is full of twins (mostly animal). The Count counts all the twin pairs. Zoe and Abby learn that there are two types of twins – regular twins like Aria and Mika (Peter Linz's twin daughters), and fraternal twins; like Chris and Christy. While they go to get cake, Abby gets an idea to be identical twins and brings Zoe outside.

SCENE cont’d Back outside, they wonder if wearing their favorite outfits will make them identical, but they each have a different opinion of fashion (Zoe likes tutus and Abby likes her princess outfit). Abby realizes she can use magic and turns Zoe into Abby’s image. Telly passes by, thrown off by the sight of two Abbys. Abby turns a salt shaker into a pumpkin, which Zoe can’t do, meaning they’re not the exact same. Abby changes herself into Zoe’s twin. Telly passes by again, confused again. They are not the same however, because Abby doesn’t have a pet rock like Zoe. Abby changes herself back and Chris discovers them sad. He learns about their experience and takes them inside for a lesson.

SCENE cont’d At the party, the twin cows win the β€œDance Freeze” game. Chris brings Zoe and Abby inside and they are given a β€œtwin talk”; the girls learn that twins aren’t all the same; they have different interests. Chris and Christy lead the other pairs in a twin song, singing about their different preferences. Zoe and Abby learn that they both like jumping and become the Jumping Twins! Everyone starts jumping at the party. Telly walks in confused and is told β€œIt’s a twin thing.”
Muppets / Celebrity Sherri Shepherd and Abby show what identical means.

Muppets Murray announces Abby's Flying Fairy School is coming soon, but first, he and the kids rap about S words.
(First: Episode 4209)
Cartoon Cookie Monster sings about the S sound in the word "sandwich."
Taken from Sesame Street English
(First: Episode 4209)
Muppets Murray and Navin introduce Abby's Flying Fairy School.
(First: Episode 4188)


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
Mrs. Sparklenose steers the school to their field trip location: Colonial Trolliamsberg. However, Blogg (being half-Troll) seems down about the trip. When they arrive, the Troll guard asks them a riddle so they can pass: "What has one line down and one line across and you need it to tickle and toss?" The guard also notices Blogg's wings, which he tries claiming are "armpit-coolers". Gonnigan and Abby ask Spot, who shows them the alphabet. They then realize the answer is the letter T.
Inside the town, Blogg makes more attempts to hide his wings by putting a backpack over them (causing everything inside to spill out) and a large sweater. Abby and Gonnigan meet a candlestick maker, who asks them to estimate how many ears full of wax it'll take to make one candle. Gonnigan's guess turns out to be right (6 ears worth). They then head to the center of town, where Garfunkel the Griffin is performing. However, Niblet's flash-photography causes Garfunkel to freak out and angrily fly to the sky and the only to get him down to whisper "Nap time" in his ear. Abby tries, but the person must be a troll. Mrs. Sparklenose explains to Blogg that sometimes "Differences make the difference", boosting his confidence and he flies up to put Garfunkel to sleep. Everyone in the town reveres him.
(First: Episode 4205)
Muppets Murray announces it's almost time for "Murray Has a Little Lamb", but first, he counts 2 of various things.
(First: Episode 4188)
Animation Counting to 10 by 2s
Muppets Murray and the kids introduce "Murray Has a Little Lamb".
(First: Episode 4191)


Muppets Murray Has a Little Lamb
Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela with the clue of a baseball glove. The school turns out to be a baseball school, where kids practice playing baseball. With practice, Murray eventually hits a home run.
(First: Episode 4167)
"Guessing Game" portion cut, new intro added
Animation Traction Jackson and Margarita play "Follow Me" with TJ's grandfather.
(First: Episode 4130)
Muppets Murray announces "Elmo's World" is coming up, but first, he and the viewer play "Sounds of the Street". They listen to the city sounds, including a bird, a car horn and a tap dancing octopus.
(First: Episode 4191)
Cartoon Question of the Day: Creatures learn to treat people who are different with respect. (aniBOOM finalist)
Muppets Murray and Rachael introduce "Elmo's World."
(First: Episode 4189)
Muppets Elmo's World: Families
(First: Episode 3975)
Muppets A video newsstand helps Murray’s faulty memory remember the sponsors.



  • Peter Linz's twin daughters, Aria and Mika, play themselves in this episode.[1]

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