Sesame Street
Elmo Steps In for Super Grover
(repeat of 4176)
Air date December 7, 2010
Season Season 41 (2010)
Sponsors M, 10


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Stuck
(First: Episode 4176)

SCENE Chris welcomes the viewer and meets up with Elmo, whose toy airplane is stuck in the tree. He suggests using a ladder, when all of a sudden, Super Chicken and his assistant, Robin, fall out of the sky. The duo begins to formulate a plan when…


SCENE cont’d Super Grover crash lands to save the day! Elmo counts the superheroes he now has to save his airplane. Super Grover remarks the Elmo doesn’t need “super poultry” to save the day and plans to jump up to the tree to get the airplane. As he makes several failed attempts, Robin flies into the tree and grabs it down. Elmo thanks the super duo and they go off on their way.

SCENE cont’d Grover remarks how easy it is to do a job when you have a super sidekick and wishes he had one when suddenly, the doors of 123 Sesame Street fly open to reveal Horatio the Elephant in a superhero outfit, announcing that he is up for the challenge. Grover accepts his assistance and they hear moaning of in the distance. Horatio rushes off to help them, but goes the other way, with Super Grover following after.

SCENE cont’d Horatio gets stuck in the doorway of Hooper’s Store. Super Grover tries using his “super strength” to get him out, but to no avail. Chris helps him pull while Elmo goes off to help the people in trouble.

SCENE cont’d Baby Bear was the one who made the cry for help, as he and his choir group have a problem. They need four animals for their quartet, but he only has three, until Elmo points out that Baby Bear is an animal too, thus completing his quartet. Baby Bear then hears an odd noise coming from Hooper’s…


SCENE cont’d Now aided by a Honker, Chris and Super Grover are able to pull Horatio out. They rush over near Oscar's trash can to help, and Baby Bear tells them of what happened and how they need four animals. Grover quickly counts them off and takes credit for solving the problem. Just then, three kids get their basketball stuck on the hoop. Horatio rushes to help, with Grover in hot pursuit of him.
SCENE cont’d Elmo goes over to the kids who point out their problem. Elmo is too small to reach their ball and thinks of a way to get it down.
SCENE cont’d Meanwhile, Horatio is now stuck in the Laundromat entrance way. Leela, Super Grover and two other monsters pull on him, but they can’t get him out. Leela suggests using soap and water, so long as it’s hypoallergenic. (“I have very sensitive skin!”)

SCENE cont’d Elmo suggests using a ball to get it down, but the kids don’t have another one. Just then, Elmo comes up with the idea of him being the ball. With the help of Chris, Elmo gets lifted up to the hoop and knocks the ball down. Just then, Horatio gets unstuck and they rush to the scene. Horatio “solves” the problem by getting the ball “unstuck” from the boy’s hands. Horatio rushes off to find more situations to help with, trampling Grover in the process.


SCENE cont'd Once again, Horatio gets stuck in the other entrance to Hooper’s. However, this time, he is able to get himself out. Feeling “stuck in this job”, Horatio decides to go back to his old job at the ballet company. Now, Grover needs a new sidekick, suggesting Chris for the job. He denies and recommends Elmo. He too declines, as he would rather play with his toy airplane. Super Grover decides to work solo and hails a taxi. Elmo throws his toy airplane, and ends up getting stuck in the tree again, but this time, Chris gets the ladder.
Celebrity Patrick Warburton has a chicken stuck in his shirt.
(First: Episode 4176)

Muppets Murray announces Abby's Flying Fairy School is coming up, but first, he asks the citizens of New York City to "Bring Out Your M."
(First: Episode 4210)
Cartoon M for Music: A dog finds various quartets play Ludwig van Beethoven's "Symphony No. 5."
(First: Episode 4210)
Muppets Murray and Carson introduce Abby's Flying Fairy School.
(First: Episode 4187)


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
Mrs. Sparklenose helps Abby, Blogg and Gonnigan recycle bottles they brought from home. One of Abby's bottles it dusty, so she rubs it and out comes Gene the Genie. He feels cramped inside and refuses to go back in. The bottle, not wanting to be empty, begins hopping around, looking for someone to suck inside. The bottle entraps Mrs. Sparklenose inside, while Gene plans to spend 1,001 nights in Vegas. Abby reminds Gene he needs to grant 3 wishes. Abby wishes for Mrs. Sparklenose to get out of the bottle, with Niblet then taken in his place. Gonnigan rephrases the wish and asks for not one of them to be inside, so he poofs them all inside, thus there is not one. They call on Spot, who shows them a film on “all” and “none”. They wish for them all of them to get out and none of them would be inside. The bottle looks for some to capture and it gets Mrs. Sparklenose again. Gene refuses to switch places with her, not wanting to be in a small space again. They twinkle think and get an idea to magically recycle his bottle with other ones to make a larger one, complete with sliding glass doors so he can leave whenever he feels.
(First: Episode 4189)
Muppets Murray says Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures is coming up. But first, he finds 10s of things.
(First: Episode 4212)
Muppets Chris instructs the Two-Headed Monster to show the number of the day (10). They each think the number they're holding is the number of the day, until Chris tells them to put the two numbers next to each other.
Muppets Murray and a large group of kids introduce Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures.
(First: Episode 4195)

Muppets / Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures
On safari in East Africa, Ernie and Bert find a baby elephant who has lost his mommy.
(First: Episode 4212)
Muppets Murray announces "Elmo's World" is coming up, but first, he gives a demonstration of forward and backward, walking forward and knocking the camera over.
(First: Episode 4192)
Celebrity "Everything's Coming Up Noses!" Harvey Fierstein places noses on a selection of Anything Muppets while singing a song touting the virtues of the body part.
(First: Episode 4063)
Muppets Murray and the kids introduce "Elmo's World".
(First: Episode 4187)
Muppets Elmo's World: Noses
(First: Episode 4143)
Muppets Murray looks at a large screen to announce the sponsors.

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