Bear in the Big Blue House
424 A Strange Bird
Premiere October 6, 2003
Written by Doug Cordell
Director Dean Gordon
Theme Diversity
Word of the Day - Diversity


One morning, Bear decides to visit the post office, knowing that Jeremiah can be slow in delivering the mail and wondering if anything's come. At the post office, he finds a two-week old postcard that reveals that a penguin named Puck from the South Pole is paying a visit to the Big Blue House today. Bear hurries home to greet Puck. Everyone there is eager to meet him, but the kids begin to worry when they find his food tastes and his behaviors somewhat odd. They try to play with him, but worry that they just don't understand him. Meanwhile, Tutter learns all about diversity at Mouse School.



  • The kids of the Big Blue House play the song "I Only Have Ice for You" for Puck. The title of this song is a spoof on the classic lounge song "I Only Have Eyes for You".

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