Sesame Street
Plot Abby's First Sleepover
repeat of 4177
Air date December 9, 2010
Season Season 41 (2010)
Sponsors D, 13


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Brush
(First: Episode 4177)

SCENE At night, Hoots sits on the roof and plays the theme song on his sax. Chris closes up the store, welcomes the viewer and notices Luis and Maria dressed up for their night out dancing. After talking with Oscar, they see Abby dressed in her pajamas floating above Big Bird’s doors, ready to have her first sleepover at Big Bird's nest. She shows off the things she’s brought, such as her pillow and book (both of which float with her). Big Bird notices no one can read the book to them, so Abby suggest Luis and Maria read.
SCENE cont'd They enter the nest area, but Abby points out that before they read, she needs her wings brushed. However, Abby forgot her brush at home. She calls her mommy, who plans to send it to her via the Fairy Delivery Service. The fairy delivery man arrives and shares a brief, high-pitched laugh with Abby. They sing the fairy brushing song as they brush Abby’s and Big Bird’s wings.
SCENE cont'd Now, it’s time for Abby to be tucked in, but her pillow floats up and down so much Maria can’t do it. Abby points out it’s a magic blanket and all Maria has to do is toss it up. She does so and the blanket magically sticks to Abby.


SCENE cont'd Now, it’s time for the story. Maria chooses “Hey Diddle Diddle” and the duo find humor in the word “diddle” and repeat it over and over. She begins the book and she and Luis plan on leaving when the characters from the book appear before them. After kissing them goodnight, the couple tries to leave again, but a rain storm begins. With no other option left, Luis and Maria are forced to cancel their night out and have the sleepover in their apartment.

SCENE cont'd Now settled in the apartment, Abby calls her mom to tell her what’s happened. Her mom tells her in gratitude, she’ll grant Maria and Luis a wish. Luis wishes they could’ve gone dancing and Abby’s wand poofs music, a disco ball and appropriate lighting and clothes. They go out onto the dance floor and trip the light fantastic.
Film Great Moments at the Sink
Timothy brushes his teeth, accompanied by sports narration. A 10.0 sink bowl!
(First: Episode 3689)

Muppets Murray announces Abby's Flying Fairy School is coming soon, but first, he and some kids play "What's on Me That Starts with D?" Kids identify the D words Murray wears.
(First: Episode 4190)
Muppets In a parody of iPod commercials, Big Bird, Elmo and Snuffy listen and dance to the sound of the letter D.
(First: Episode 4190)
Muppets Murray and Carson introduce Abby's Flying Fairy School.
(First: Episode 4187)


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
Today for Show & Tell, Abby brings in the enchanted apple from Snow White. During snack time, Blogg takes a bite and falls into an enchanted sleep. Gonnigan and Abby try to think of how they can wake him up, when Gonnigan remembers he wakes up to the sound of an alarm clock. They go through Mrs. Sparklenose's filling cabinet and find one, but it doesn't wake Blogg up. They call Spot, who shows them videos of mouths. Abby thinks they should kiss him, but when she tries, he stays asleep. Abby checks the Snow White story and finds they need a prince to wake him. She turns Gonnigan into a frog so she can kiss him and make him into a prince. Gonnigan kisses Blogg and he wakes up, and notices the apple and heads for it, with his fairy friends tackling him.
(First: Episode 4200)
Muppets Ernie & Bert — In song, Ernie tells Bert to "Wake Up!" even though it's far from morning. By the end of the song, Bert is restless.
(First: Episode 4036)
Muppets Murray announces it's time for "Murray Has a Little Lamb", but first, he counts 13 of things.
(First: Episode 4206)
Animation Masked March #13
(First: Episode 3378)
Muppets As Murray rushes off, Navin and Avery introduce "Murray Has a Little Lamb".
(First: Episode 4190)


Muppets Murray Has a Little Lamb
Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela with a violin as a clue. The school turns out to be a music school, where kids learn to sing and play instruments. Murray learns how to play the violin and the piano, and Ovejita shows skill on the saxophone.
(First: Episode 4164)
"Guessing Game" portion cut, new intro added
Animation Sand creatures illustrate the song, "Sing," with vocals by Stephanie D'Abruzzo.
(First: Episode 3981)
Muppets Murray announces "Elmo's World" is coming, but first, he gives a demonstration of outside and inside.
(First: Episode 4190)
Muppets / Celebrity John Legend sings "It Feels Good When You Sing a Song" with Hoots.
(First: Episode 4109)
Muppets Murray and the kids introduce "Elmo's World".
(First: Episode 4187)
Muppets Elmo's World: Sleep
(First: Episode 3983)
Muppets Murray tries announcing the sponsors, but forgets them. He rethinks the day, announces them and signs off.

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