Sesame Street
Plot Elmo Wants to Be Like Gordon
repeat of 4180
Air date December 15, 2010
Season Season 41 (2010)
Sponsors E, 2


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What’s the Word on the Street?: Mustache
(First: Episode 4180)

SCENE Gordon walks out of Hooper’s, says hi to Murray Monster and welcomes the viewer. He continues walking down the street and says hi to Elmo, who thinks Gordon is great. He gets an idea and runs off.

SCENE cont’d Gordon talks to Oscar, who has to feed his pet pig Spot. Gordon sits down on the stairs to read his newspaper and sees Elmo next to him, wearing the same outfit as him, a false mustache and a brown shower cap. Elmo makes small talk with him, doing an impression of Gordon. He notices that Elmo’s newspaper is upside-down and fixes it. Elmo notes it’s things like that that make him want to be like Gordon.
SCENE cont’d The Count walks by, looking for something to count. He spies Elmo and Gordon on the stoop and counts the two Gordons he sees, their newspapers, their mustaches and one shower cap.
SCENE cont’d As they continue to read the newspaper, Elmo asks if Gordon plans on doing anything else today. Gordon has nothing scheduled, but Elmo wants to do the “Chicken Dance” just like Gordon. Four chickens (who, too, are wearing mustaches and shower caps) come over and do “The Chicken Dance” with Elmo.


SCENE cont’d Big Bird comes over to the stoop and notes Elmo’s resemblance to Gordon. He asks Gordon to read Humpty Dumpty to him. Gordon starts to read, but Elmo intervenes and tells them he wants to read it, just like Gordon, however, Elmo can’t read. Gordon reassures Elmo that he will be able to read when he’s older. Gordon continues the story. Just then, Humpty Dumpty himself shows up, wearing a mustache and shower cap, and tells them that since Gordon read his book so well, he and the knights and horses want to be just like Gordon too! Gordon remarks, “I had no idea it was such fun being me!”
Celebrity / Muppets Jonah Hill shows Elmo his mustache.
(First: Episode 4180)
Muppets "I Love My Hair" (alternate music track)
(First: Episode 4218)

Muppets Murray announces Abby's Flying Fairy School is coming up, but first, he and the kids play "What's on Me That Starts with E?"
(First: Episode 4188)
Film Jaws spoof presenting the letter E.
(First: Episode 3300)
Muppets Murray and Carson introduce Abby's Flying Fairy School.
(First: Episode 4187)


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
Abby, Gonnigan and Blögg put their items in their cubbies, when they suddenly vanish, along with Mrs. Sparklenose's wand. They see a Cubby Creature inside, but can't catch him. They call on Spot, who shows them some patterns. They see the creature pops out of each colored cubby in a pattern and follow it to get into his lair. Once their, they find they have to guess his name to win their stuff back. They play "The Name Game", asking for clues as to what his name is. They get it right and the Cubby Creature has such a fun time, he reforms his ways and gives everything back.
(First: Episode 4214)
Animation A child makes a pattern of giraffes and elephants.
(First: Episode 4115)
Muppets Murray announces it's almost time for "Murray Has a Little Lamb", but first, he counts 2 of various things.
(First: Episode 4188)
Animation Salty and Pierre, spicy detectives, look for the number 2. They climb a mountain of potatoes and find 2 swans shaped like the number 2, while Salty obsesses over the connection to Swan Lake.
(First: Episode 4188)
Muppets As Murray rushes off to school, Jordan introduces "Murray Has a Little Lamb".
(First: Episode 4188)


Muppets Murray Has a Little Lamb
Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela with the clue of a leaf. The school turns out to be the Science and Nature program at the American Museum of Natural History, where kids learn about bugs, amphibians and reptiles. They also learn about camouflage, and go on a safari outside.
(First: Episode 4163)
"Guessing Game" portion cut, new intro added
Cartoon Bugs Song” (vocals by Jennifer Barnhart)
Artist: Jane Aaron
(First: Episode 4175)
Muppets Murray announces "Elmo's World" is coming, but first, he gives a demonstration of outside and inside.
(First: Episode 4190)
Celebrity Keb Mo sings "Everybody Be Yo'Self" with the Sesame Street cast
(First: Episode 3969)
Film Interpretive dancing (new music track)
(First: Episode 3980)
Muppets Murray and Avery introduce "Elmo's World".
(First: Episode 4191)
Muppets Elmo's World: Horses
(First: Episode 4124)
Muppets Murray tries announcing the sponsors, but forgets them. He rethinks the day, announces them and signs off.

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