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Sesame Street
Get Lost, Mr. Chips
Air date September 24, 2012
(season premiere)
Season Season 43 (2012-2013)
Written by John Weidman
Production May 20, 2011
Sponsors P, 5
Releases Monster Manners


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Nibble
SCENE Chris returns from a hiking trip and finds Hooper's Store filled with cookies and the arbor decorated in fancy restaurant fashion. Alan explains that the Cookie Connoisseurs Club is visiting to have a cookie tasting session (similar to a wine tasting) after sampling the cookies he sent them. He shows Chris the menu selections, as well as the appropriate milk options. Chris reminds Alan that if Cookie Monster catches wind of this, he'll tear the place apart. Alan is not worried; Cookie's visiting his aunt in Sacramento.

SCENE cont'd Speak of the devil, Cookie appears, having flown home on the Red Eye once his aunt ran out of cookies. Soon after, the Cookie Connoisseurs arrive, led by Commander Chiphead (played by David Hyde Pierce). Alan tries to get rid of Cookie by having Chris take him to a bakery (or Canada), when Cookie spots a treat in Alan's hand and decides to stay. Chiphead explains the cookies are for the club and only members may have them. Cookie wishes to be a member to get the cookies, but there are things he must do first.

SCENE cont'd Cookie Monster recites the club pledge ("Me pledge allegiance to cookies.") and Chiphead explains how the club performs their tasting - first, they observe the cookie's appearance, then they sample the aroma and finally take a tiny nibble and savor the flavor. Alan brings out the first tray, oatmeal rasin, and Cookie gobbles the whole batch. Chiphead declines his membership, as he broke all of the club rules. Cookie begs to get back in and Chiphead graciously gives him a second chance.
SCENE cont'd Cookie asks Chris for help controlling himself. Chris suggests he pretend the cookie is something else, thus he won't eat it as quickly. Cookie settles on a yo-yo as Alan brings out the next batch. Cookie is able to fool himself while observing the cookie, but when he sniffs it, he realizes it's a cookie and devours it, along with the others. Chiphead expels him again, but Chris convinces him to give him another chance.
SCENE cont'd Cookie now needs help getting past the sniffing part. Chris allows him to smell his hiking boot; the stinky smell will distract him from the cookie's smell. Cookie sniffs the shoe and he's able to keep his composure, until the actual tasting comes, scarfing down his cookie, the rest of Alan's and even Chiphead's. The commander has had it and kicks him out, until the others convince him to give him his final chance.

SCENE cont'd Cookie doesn't know what to do. Chris points out out his options - he can eat one cookie, or he can join the club and get to eat many cookies. Cookie decides to keep his cool to stay in the club. He makes it through the club process, discovering the aspects of cookies he never experienced, thus making him a member and allowing him to eat his cookie whole. Alan brings out a tray of shortbread cookies, a kind Chiphead hasn't had in years. In Cookie Monster fashion, he scarfs down as many as he can, until he realizes how he's acting. Cookie Monster offers to help him with his self-control problems.
Muppets / Celebrity Elmo brings Halle Berry some animals to nibble on her snacks. The bird and fish take large bites, while the ferocious tiger takes a tiny bite.
Cartoon A girl learns about patience while waiting for many things.
Artist: Mari Jaye Blanchard
Muppets Murray announces Abby's Flying Fairy School is coming, but first, it's time for "Alphabet Cook-off!" Ovejita provides him with a potato, pickle and pineapple, concocting a letter P!
Film P is for Princess
(First: Episode 4212)
Muppets Murray and the girls flap their "wings" while introducing Abby's Flying Fairy School.


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
It's Henking Day, a troll holiday, and Blögg has been practicing his dance and plans on celebrating with his Grandpa Blögg. The class travels to the Enchanted Forest and look for his tree, which is identified by its blue trunk, red door and orange leaves. They find a tree with a blue trunk and red door and it turns out to be a tree-like creature who loves trees. He sneezes them to another tree, with a blue trunk and orange leaves; the tree turns out to be a sentient one, grabbing Abby, Gonnigan, Mrs. Sparklenose and Blögg with its vines. They tickle it and it frees them. They finally find Grandpa Blögg's tree and everyone does the Henking Dance.
Muppets "Super Grover 2.0" is coming soon, but first, Ovejita shows off her remote, which can control Murray. She makes him display a number 5, then perform 5 handstands.
Muppets / Celebrity Train, Count von Count and Elmo perform "Five By."
Muppets Murray and Jordan introduce "Super Grover 2.0."

Muppets Super Grover 2.0
At a Rodent Restaurant, a mouse can't bring his customer his wedge of cheese because the kitchen door closes before he can go through it. Super Grover 2.0 arrives to help. He tries placing a marshmallow in front of the door to hold it open, but it proves to be too light and Grover slams into the door. He then places something heavier - an upright piano, which blocks the doorway completely. Grover swings the door open in frustration and it sticks itself over his foot. The mouse discovers they must wedge something under the door to keep it open. The only thing available is the wedge of cheese. Once on the other side, Grover removes the cheese and the door sends him flying, spilling the customer's meal.
(First: Episode 4260)
Muppets Murray announces it's almost time for "Elmo the Musical", but first, he plays "Sounds of the Street". He and the viewer listen to the sounds of a dog, a helicopter and a tiger with allergies. (intro and closing re-dubbed)
(First: Episode 4189)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster happens upon two glasses of milk of uneven proportions and find a way for them to be equal.
Muppets Murray and Maddy introduce "Elmo the Musical" in sing-song fashion.


Muppets Elmo the Musical: Guacamole the Musical
Elmo imagines himself as Chef Explorer Elmo, who is stationed in the jungles of Nacho Pichu. He is greeted by The Queen of Nacho Picchu, who commissions him to find a dip for her large tortilla chip. Velvet recommends Elmo contact the Rhombus of Recipes, who provides him with directions to make guacamole. First, he visits the Valley of the Whistling Nose, where Nose McDonald helps him pick 14 avocados for the meal. Next, he heads to the Temple of Spoons for some onion. Elmo takes a sample without measuring the three spoon-fulls he needs and the temple begins to crumble. He measures the onion and magically gets a bowl of guacamole. He brings it back to the Queen, who doesn't like it...she loves it! They all celebrate by doing a guacamole dance.
Muppets Murray announces the sponsors.
Sponsor Leslie Carrara-Rudolph announces: "Sesame Street is brought to you buy Hands Up Solutions."

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