Sesame Street
Baby Bear Comes Clean
Air date September 27, 2012
Season Season 43 (2012-2013)
Sponsors C, 18
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Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Careful

SCENE Today, the Bear family is going to visit Grandmama Bear and Baby Bear is wearing a nice, clean, white shirt. Papa Bear leaves to get Curly Bear ready, telling his son to stay put and not get his shirt dirty. As he waits, Maria and Zoe invite him to paint in the garden with them, but he declines. Rosita and Leela then ask if he wants to play basketball, but again, he must pass.

SCENE cont'd Telly passes by and Baby Bear has him stand far away, as his ice cream could drip on his shirt. When Baby Bear learns the flavor (Hooper's Blueberries and Porridge, his favorite flavor), he invites him back over for a tiny lick. Despite how careful he does it, a purple spot is left on his shirt collar. Papa Bear returns to tell Baby Bear about a slight delay (Curly spilt food on her outfit), while Baby Bear hides his stain behind Telly.

SCENE cont'd In need of a solution, Telly gets a napkin to wipe the stain with, but it only makes it bigger. Zoe returns to show them her picture and has her own idea - dip the napkin in water first. This too results in spreading the stain.
SCENE cont'd Oscar appears, having heard the sounds of distress, and offers his own solution - take it down to the river and beat it with rocks, as they did in the days before soap and laundry powder. Since they don't have a local river, Oscar instead beats it with a rock, spreading dirt all over the shirt. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained," he laughs as he makes his exit.

SCENE cont'd Rosita comes back and learns about the situation. She offers an idea - a vacuum cleaner. The shirt gets sucked in and Telly fights to get it out, sending him flying and putting the shirt in even worse condition. Telly has an idea - instead of getting the shirt to be white, they should get it to match the purple stain.

SCENE cont'd Using Zoe's paints, they paint the shirt completely purple. Baby Bear is disappointed to learn he can't put it on until it two to three hours! Abby arrives and has a color spell that will turn it back to a clean, white shirt. The spell works, but gives the shirt sentience and it runs off, with Telly and Baby Bear in pursuit. They tackle it down, resulting in it becoming dirtier than ever before.

SCENE cont'd Gordon exits the building and learns what has happened. He offers an idea - tell Papa Bear the truth. Even if he gets mad, there's nothing more important than being honest. Papa Bear arrives and Telly runs away, not wanting to see what happens. Baby Bear admits what he did and Papa Bear forgives him, proud that he was able to be honest with him. He takes him home to get cleaned up and prohibits ice cream for a week.
Muppets / Celebrity Casey Affleck and Murray explain what "careful" means while building a block tower.
Film A man describes a situation and kids react with how they would feel.
(First: Episode 4235)
Muppets Murray states Abby's Flying Fairy School is coming soon, and that he's also not feeling well. He tells Dr. Ovejita his symptoms: he can't stop clapping, his nose clicks and he feels clumsy. Dr. Ovejita reveals he's got a case of the letter C.
Film Kids find C-words in a forest.
(First: Episode 4243)
Muppets Murray and the kids introduce Abby's Flying Fairy School with a short rap.


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
Today is Pet Day (to Niblet's glee). Abby brings her pet frog Prince, Gonnigan has his ant Thor and Blögg has his banana slug Gertrude. In the event, they see who can jump the highest, using a block tower to measure; Prince beats the other pets. Niblit arrives to participate, only to find they've moved onto the next event. Next, they see which pet is stronger by lifting a sandwich; Thor coming out victorious (despite being the smallest). Niblet once again misses the competition and begins to cry. The class realizes they left him out and try to apologize, but he turns his back on them. They invite him to the festivities and express their love for him, bringing him back. The final event is Best Dancer, which Niblet exceeds at.
Muppets "Super Grover 2.0" is on the way, but first, Ovejita has Murray press a button. It reveals 18 apples, as well as drops a heavy 18 on Murray's head.
Animation Counting 18 flowers in the garden.
Muppets Murray and the boys introduce "Super Grover 2.0."

Muppets Super Grover 2.0: Sandlot Days
A cactus tries to play with his new ball, when something starts happening to it. Super Grover 2.0 arrives and begins to use his powers of observation. He sees the ball is shrinking, making a hissing noise (thinking there's a snake inside), air is getting blown at him and there's a hole in it. Grover tries to comfort the cactus, but pricks himself on its stems. The cactus realizes he put the hole in it. Grover helps more by find a ball he can play with. He fetches a bowling ball, which is too heavy. He gets a snowball from Antarctica, but it falls apart when thrown. Grover pulls a hero sandwich from his utility sock, when the cactus notices the foil wrapping can be made into different shapes. Grover makes it into a ball, which becomes the perfect ball for a cactus. They play some catch and Grover asks for a hug. Getting several stems poking him, he claims he's now losing air.
(First: Episode 4217)
Muppets Murray announces "Elmo the Musical" is coming up, but first, he and the viewer play "Sounds of the Street". They listen to the city sounds, including a bird, a car horn and a tap dancing octopus. (intro and closing slightly edited)
(First: Episode 4191)

Muppets The Voice
Three celebrity judges will find the next big singer by listening only to the voices of the contestants, via the use of rotating chairs (that constantly knock over the host). However, the judges mistake other sounds made by the body (including tap dancing, whistling and armpit noises) as voices, frustrating the host further and further. When he's had his fill, he decides to rotate the chairs himself (to avoid being whacked again) and the chair spins out of control. His screams impress the judges and they declare him the Voice!
Muppets Murray and Maddy introduce "Elmo the Musical" in sing-song fashion.
(First: Episode 4301)


Muppets Elmo the Musical: Athlete the Musical
Elmo imagines he's an athlete, facing off against an Enormous Athlete to win a pair of golden shoes, a coveted prize Elmo wants to win. Enormous Athlete defeats Elmo in the long jump and shot put competitions. They finally compete in the race, which give either competitor enough points to win. During the race, Enormous Athlete trips over a hurdle and falls over. Elmo considers finishing the race and winning the shoes, but instead goes back to help his competition and they tie at the finish line. Despite the tie, Enormous Athlete has a larger total, earning him the golden shoes. Velvet doesn't think it's a happy ending, but Elmo doesn't mind losing - he had fun just playing the game. He passes along the moral to Enormous Athlete, who shares the golden shoes with him.
(First: Episode 4302)
Muppets Murray announces the sponsors.
Sponsor Leslie Carrara-Rudolph announces: "This show was brought to by the Counting Coalition."

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