Sesame Street
Afraid of the Bark
Air date November 2, 2012
Season Season 43 (2012-2013)
Sponsors I, 10, "the Food Truck guys"
Releases Being Brave


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Veterinarian


SCENE Bob welcomes the viewer while taking Barkley for a walk. Elsewhere, Elmo meets up with Zoe, who's playing the "Rock and Roll" game with Rocco. She rolls him down the block, reaching the mailbox. Elmo tries and sends him further. Barkley, thinking it's a game of fetch, grabs Rocco with his mouth, frightening Zoe. Bob makes Barkley drop him and returns the sloppy, wet Rocco to Zoe. Zoe suddenly doesn't want to play around there anymore and runs off, with Elmo following, confused.
SCENE cont'd Over by Hooper's Store, Zoe finds the coast clear, until dog-walker Grover is dragged through by his dogs, forcing Zoe to run away again. The same happens by the Laundromat and Elmo discovers the pattern - Zoe is afraid of dogs.

SCENE cont'd Elmo confronts Zoe about her fear, who uses Rocco to mask her own fears. Elmo goes along with it and decides to help "Rocco" get over it. He runs off and brings back Tau and his dog, Puna, who wears a tutu just like Zoe. Rocco thinks the dog and tutu are cute, until Puna barks and frightens Zoe away.


SCENE cont'd Zoe hides under the table, where Elmo fills Gina in on her problem. Being a veterinarian, Gina is an expert in dogs and shows Zoe how to properly meet a dog. Elmo pretends to be Gina's dog. First, Zoe must ask the owner to meet the dog. Then, she must make a fist and put it toward the dog's nose so it can sniff it. Rocco's not afraid of Doggy Elmo and applies the lesson to Barkley when he and Bob arrive. Zoe and Rocco are over their fear and holds Barkley's leash while they all go for a walk and sing "Walkin' the Dog."
Muppets / Celebrity Wendy Williams and her dog explain what a "veterinarian" is with the help of some ailing animals.
Cartoon "Fear": Kids tell what they are afraid of, then what helps them get over their fear.
Artist: Todd Parr
(First: Episode 4215)
Muppets Abby's Flying Fairy School is coming up, but first, Murray and Ovejita go to find another person in the neighborhood. They meet Eddie, a cook, who doesn't work in a restaurant, but from a truck!
Animation Traction Jackson and Kayla sing about the I words that could've been on a burned-out billboard.
(First: Episode 4227)
Film Private I investigates the letter of the day. T.R. Knight is Private I, and Leslie Carrara-Rudolph is Iris.
(First: Episode 4120)
Muppets Murray and Jordan introduce Abby's Flying Fairy School.
(First: Episode 4305)


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
The fairies are having lunch and Blogg is disappointed at the size of his sandwich (which is several stacks high). With a spell, he conjures a large lunchbox that belongs to Pandora. Mrs. Sparklenose warns the students not to open it. Gonnigan loses control of his wings in fright and hits the lunchbox, opening it and releasing some large and rambunctious snacks. They inspect the lunchbox and find some shapes at the bottom, which should match the shape of each item. Discovering that the juice box is a rectangle, the wrap is a circle and the chips form a hexagon, they are able to put them back in their places. Pandora arrives to pick up her lunchbox and offers them some of her food...
(First: Episode 4257)
Muppets Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures is on the way, but now Murray learns about the food Eddie makes (Korean). He is amazed at the entire kitchen in the back of the truck and Eddie is going to let him make some food, right after this...
Cartoon Ten doggy kisses
Artist: Todd Parr
(First: Episode 4274)
Film Astronaut Soichi Noguchi counts down the launch of a rocket.
(First: Episode 4234)
Muppets Murray and Karisma introduce Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures.


Muppets / Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures
Ernie and Bert are now dog-walkers and have been hired by Ostrich Lady to walk her dog, who is sad and never left her premises. As they go through the park, the dog encounters a squirrel for the first time and chases it around, with Bert and Ernie following. The dog lands in the fountain, getting all wet. She then spots a pigeon and jumps at it, landing in a pile of leaves. Bert offers her the dog treats she "loves", but she turns them down and instead eats Heidi's hotdog. She sees the squirrel again and chases it to a construction area, where she gets paint all over her. Ernie and Bert return the dog to the Ostrich Lady, who is amazed that her dog is happy again. She thanks them for a good job.
(First: Episode 4218)
Muppets "Elmo the Musical" is coming next, but now Murray learns how to make a kim chi taco under Eddie's guidance. Murray loves meeting the people in the neighborhood!
Cartoon Potato song
(First: Episode 4107)
Muppets Waiter Grover: Mr. Johnson goes to eat at Charlie's once again. It is rhyming day at Charlie's, which means the waiter has to make up a rhyme with whatever he orders. Mr. Johnson wants a tuna sandwich on rye. Grover brings him an apple pie, but that's not what Mr. Johnson wanted. Grover then learns that they are all out of tuna on rye, so Mr. Johnson asks for a cheeseburger instead ... but what rhymes with cheeseburger?
(First: Episode 4139)
Song "Rhyme Time" - A man and some kids sing about making rhymes.
(First: Episode 4280)
Muppets Murray and Austin introduce "Elmo the Musical."
(First: Episode 4305)


Muppets Elmo the Musical: Airplane the Musical
Elmo imagines himself as an airplane pilot who is hired by a penguin bride-to-be to fly her to the South Pole for her wedding at 11 o'clock (it being 7 o'clock now). As they take off, she realizes she needs a ring. They crash into a jewelry store, where the clerk states they have no rings left. His breakfast bagel is a shaped like a ring (a circle), so she buys that. Once in the sky, she now states she needs flowers and has them land in a flower shop. She needs 11 flowers, but the clerk offers 6 lilies and 5 roses, which Elmo adds to make 11. The penguin stops their flight once again to get some bridesmaids. Velvet places them on a farm, not knowing where else to find bridesmaids. The bride has three dresses to fit, so she turns away a pair of pigs. She finds three cows, who make perfect bridesmaids. The extra weight prevents them from taking off, so Elmo and the others flap their arms, which helps get the plane to the South Pole, just in time for her wedding! (truncated theme song)
(First: Episode 4307)
Muppets Murray announces the sponsors with Ovejita and the Food Truck crew.


  • Repeats of the episode feature an additional sponsor tag: "Today's show is brought to you by the Dancing Toe Company."

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