Sesame Street
Fairy Tale Science Fair (repeat of 4233)'
Air date February 28, 2013
Season Season 43 (2012-2013)

Baby Bear and Telly Monster are reporters at the Sesame Street Fairy Tale Science Fair! Everyone's favorite fairy tale characters are solving problems with science. Little Red Riding Hood can't tell the difference between her granny and the Big Bad Wolf, so she decides to observe and compare. Looking closely and carefully, she points out their similarities and differences and discovers who the real granny is! Then Cinderella, who just loves science, wonders whether a pumpkin will float or sink, forming a hypothesis and conducting an experiment to test it (the pumpkin floats).

Next, the Three Little Pigs become worried about the Big Bad Wolf blowing down their house. They discuss what they already know: the wolf can huff and puff and blow them away. They want to build a house to protect themselves, but can't agree upon which material is the best. Baby Bear helps them design an experiment to figure out which material is the sturdiest. They each make a hypothesis and use a fan to see which material won't blow away: straw, sticks, or brick. The pigs conclude that brick is best. The Big Bad Wolf arrives, but to his disappointment, he can't blow down the brick house. Science saved the day and solved lots of problems on Sesame Street!



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