Sesame Street
Lifting Snuffy
Air date March 21, 2013
Season Season 43 (2012-2013)
Sponsors U, 8 and a Bollywood choreographer
Releases Elmo and Cookie Monster Supersized Fun


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street: Choreographer

SCENE Elmo, Rosita, Gina and Snuffy are all stretching, getting ready to be in Zoe's new dance - The Dance of the Six Swans. Snuffy is particularly excited to be a swan. However, they find there's only five of them. Alan passes through, having just got off work and they plead for him to join their dance. Alan initially refuses, but decides to join them, for the dance.

SCENE cont'd Once everyone is in costume, Zoe shows them the routine, which ends with one partner lifting the other. Alan's partner is Snuffy, who wishes to be the one lifted. Alan doubts he can do so, but tries anyway, unable to lift him and collapsing under the weight. They notice Chris lifting a slice of pie in Hooper's with a spatula; Gina points out it's a lever and such a tool might be able to lift Snuffy.
SCENE cont'd With their large lever designed and built, Alan puts all his muscle into pushing down on the opposite end of Snuffy, but ends up snapping the board in half. Zoe spots Kaylee jumping rope nearby and thinks rope could lift him, and Snuffy has a very strong rope in his cave.

SCENE cont'd With their rope in place, Alan tries to get Snuffy in the air, but doesn't have the strength. But, Snuffy easily pulls Alan into the air. Gordon arrives and help set him down, and points out the flaw in their design: they need a pulley system for their rope. They all run to the hardware store to get some pulleys.
SCENE cont'd With the pulleys installed, they begin rehearsals again. Alan pulls on the rope and Snuffy is finally lifted into the air!
Muppets / Celebrity Elmo introduces Melissa McCarthy to a penguin choreographer.
Film A large machine made of several simple machines helps shoot a basketball into a hoop.
Muppets Abby's Flying Fairy School will be on soon, but first, Murray and Ovejita are visiting another one of the people in your neighborhood. They meet Pooja Narang, who's a Bollywood choreographer and explains what a Bollywood dance is.
Cartoon "My Best Friend's Ukulele": A girl tries to find the perfect letter U gift for her friend.
Directors: Jeremy Galante and David Cowles; Music: Alison Cowles
Film Can you find the letter U?
(First: Episode 4281)
Muppets Murray and the kids introduce Abby's Flying Fairy School with a short rap.
(First: Episode 4304)


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
Today, the class is putting on their Dance Recital. Abby, Blogg, Peck and Niblet are all ready to dance, but Gonnigan claims he can’t dance and won’t do it in front of a crowd. Mrs. Sparklenose poofs him up special “Sugar Plum Fairy Dance Shoes”, which will help him dance. As Gonnigan takes off his shoes the magic shoes begin dancing away. Blogg spots them under Niblet’s table. Gonnigan looks under and knocks the cage over, sending Niblet flying into Gonnigan’s sweater and making him shake around. Abby tries to magically make Gonnigan dance, but she misses each time and makes something in the room dance. Gonnigan then follows the shoes around a block tower, but slips on a piece of lunch. Abby calls on Spot, who shoes them videos of feet. Abby interprets the film, calimg Gonnigan only needs his feet to dance. He ignores her and find the shoes on top of the bookshelf. He knocks it over and gets clay on his head, so he shakes it off. Mrs. Sparklenose reminds him of all the physical things he’s done (wiggling, sliding and shaking) and he makes a dance out of it, which all the other students perform in the recital. (re-orchestrated theme song)
(First: Episode 4190)
Animation Zoe narrates an animation of a ballet painting by Edgar Degas.
(First: Episode 4140)
Muppets Before "Super Grover 2.0" arrives, Pooja explains to Murray the types of moves they do in a Bollywood dance and agrees to put him and Ovejita in a dance, right after this...
Muppets The Count sings “Eight is Great.”
(First: Episode 4226)
Film Eight people break it down in a park.
(First: Episode 4204)
Muppets Murray and the boys introduce "Super Grover 2.0."
(First: Episode 4304)

Muppets Super Grover 2.0: Nest Moving Day
In Brooklyn, New York, a robin family struggles to move their grand piano up to their new nest. Super Grover 2.0 arrives on the scene and observes the piano is big, hard and heavy. He browses through his utility sock and finds a "super spatula", but can't flip the piano up. He then pulls out some balloons that can't lift the piano, but lift Grover up in the air! He grabs hold of the clothesline and breaks it. The birds lift him up with the pully and the eager robin son wonders if the rope could lift the piano. Grover proceeds to whip the piano with it and the robin son decides to play superhero. He deduces that if they put the rope through the pull on their tree, they can lift it. Grover sits on the piano to come up with another plan, not noticing they are lifting him up with it. They all cheer and Grover falls to the ground. He states they may need the pully again...for him.
(First: Episode 4224)
Muppets "Elmo the Musical" will be on soon, but first, Murray, Ovejita and others perform a Bollywood musical of their own.

Muppets Mr. Johnson is the sole attendee of the 17th opening night of Spider-Monster the Musical and is looking forward to the flying effects. Spider-Monster (played by Grover) instead leaps from the stage, landing on Johnson in his almost-premium seat. He then tries being tossed by stagehand Bono and riding a bird, giving the same result. Mr. Johnson points out that they should use a pulley to make him fly, showing him how it works. Grover gives it a try, taking Mr. Johnson up (and down) with the curtains.
(First: Episode 4273)
Muppets Murray and a boy introduce "Elmo the Musical."
(First: Episode 4315)


Muppets Elmo the Musical: Airplane the Musical
Elmo imagines himself as an airplane pilot who is hired by a penguin bride-to-be to fly her to the South Pole for her wedding at 11 o'clock (it being 7 o'clock now). As they take off, she realizes she needs a ring. They crash into a jewelry store, where the clerk states they have no rings left. His breakfast bagel is a shaped like a ring (a circle), so she buys that. Once in the sky, she now states she needs flowers and has them land in a flower shop. She needs 11 flowers, but the clerk offers 6 lilies and 5 roses, which Elmo adds to make 11. The penguin stops their flight once again to get some bridesmaids. Velvet places them on a farm, not knowing where else to find bridesmaids. The bride has three dresses to fit, so she turns away a pair of pigs. She finds three cows, who make perfect bridesmaids. The extra weight prevents them from taking off, so Elmo and the others flap their arms, which helps get the plane to the South Pole, just in time for her wedding! (truncated theme song)
(First: Episode 4307)

Muppets Murray announces the sponsors with the help of the Bollywood dancers.
Sponsor Leslie Carrara-Rudolph announces: "This show was brought to by the Counting Coalition."
(First: Episode 4304)

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