Sesame Street
Rocco's Playdate
Air date March 28, 2013
Season Season 43 (2012-2013)
Sponsors T, 9
Syndication HBO
Releases Arts and Crafts Playdate


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Attach


SCENE Elmo explains to Alan that today, he's having an arts and crafts playdate with Zoe and has all his materials ready. Zoe arrives, unfortunately bringing along Rocco with her. Rocco tells her that he wishes to have a playdate as well, separate from Elmo and Zoe's. Elmo suggests they just get another rock, but Zoe states Rocco finds other rocks boring, unlike Rocco, who's "a rock who likes to live life to the fullest." Zoe rattles off a list qualities Rocco wants in a potential friend, most notably a round one. Elmo runs off, returning with a balloon, but Rocco wants a friend with a face and hair. Alan, having overheard, suggests that Elmo put his art tools to good work by using them to make Rocco's friend. Elmo agrees and sings about how he's "Gonna Make a New Friend."


SCENE cont'd Elmo finishes up the friend, naming him "Balloono." Before they can get to the crafts, Zoe wants the two objects to get acquainted first. Rocco approves of his new friend and decides to have a jumping contest for their playdate. Balloono goes first, only he doesn't return to the ground; he floats into the sky. Alan points out that the helium in the balloon is the cause. Rocco needs a new friend, so Zoe thinks a heavier friend will suffice. Elmo finds him an egg to make a friend from (which is heavier than a balloon), singing his song again as he adds a face and cowboy outfit.


SCENE cont'd Rocco's next friend is Eggy, who he agrees to befriend. He initiates a game of Patty Cake, but ends up breaking eggy. Alan brings a sponge to clean the mess with and Elmo realizes that the sponge is round, not too light and not fragile, which would make for a great friend! He and Zoe reprise his song as they create Rocco's new friend, Sponge-arino. He doesn't float away during the jumping game and doesn't break during Patty Cake, making him the perfect friend! Zoe is now ready to start her and Elmo's playdate and the two begin think of new friends they can make Rocco.
Muppets / Celebrity Matt Kemp and Abby show attach using a sticker book and sippy cup. Abby wants to magically attach some numbers to his jersey, but instead attaches some stickers, sippy cups and even herself.
Muppets Abby's Flying Fairy School will appear right after another edition of "Alphabet Cookoff!" Chef Ovejita provides Chef Murray with a tomato, toast and taco, resulting in a letter T.
Animation A group of white T's sing "I'm the Letter T" to the tune of "Hey There, Delilah".
(First: Episode 4183)
Film Kids try to guess the T word a man paints on his hand (turkey).
Cartoon "ABC Space Song"
Muppets Murray and the girls flap their "wings" while introducing Abby's Flying Fairy School.
(First: Episode 4301)


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
Today is Pet Day (to Niblet's glee). Abby brings her pet frog Prince, Gonnigan has his ant Thor and Blögg has his banana slug Gertrude. In the event, they see who can jump the highest, using a block tower to measure; Prince beats the other pets. Niblit arrives to participate, only to find they've moved onto the next event. Next, they see which pet is stronger by lifting a sandwich; Thor coming out victorious (despite being the smallest). Niblet once again misses the competition and begins to cry. The class realizes they left him out and try to apologize, but he turns his back on them. They invite him to the festivities and express their love for him, bringing him back. The final event is Best Dancer, which Niblet exceeds at.
(First: Episode 4304)
Muppets / Celebrity Bruno Mars and friends sing "Don't Give Up."
(First: Episode 4272)
Muppets "Super Grover 2.0" is coming soon, but Magic Murray has a trick to show first. Zina picks a number 9 card from his deck and he guesses what it is without looking.
(First: Episode 4262)
Cartoon Nine Spanish Dancers
(First: Episode 4262)
Muppets At the Transylvanian Open golf tournament, The Count takes 9 shots to knock his ball out of the sand trap.
(First: Episode 4117)
Muppets Murray and the kids introduce "Super Grover 2.0."
(First: Episode 4307)

Muppets Super Grover 2.0
At a Rodent Restaurant, a mouse can't bring his customer his wedge of cheese because the kitchen door closes before he can go through it. Super Grover 2.0 arrives to help. He tries placing a marshmallow in front of the door to hold it open, but it proves to be too light and Grover slams into the door. He then places something heavier - an upright piano, which blocks the doorway completely. Grover swings the door open in frustration and it sticks itself over his foot. The mouse discovers they must wedge something under the door to keep it open. The only thing available is the wedge of cheese. Once on the other side, Grover removes the cheese and the door sends him flying, spilling the customer's meal.
(First: Episode 4260)
Muppets Before "Elmo the Musical" arrives, Murray visits the Museum of Modern Remembering, where he tries to remember what color door the cheese is behind.
cut from the HBO version
Song The kids of the PS22 Chorus sing "Somebody Come and Play."
(First: Episode 4267)
cut from the HBO version
Muppets Murray and Maddy introduce "Elmo the Musical" in sing-song fashion.
(First: Episode 4301)


Muppets Elmo the Musical: Pizza the Musical
Today, Elmo imagines himself as a Space Pizza Delivery Monster, set to deliver the number 10 special to Mars. As he nears the moon, he loses 6 slices due to the lack of gravity. A shooting star then penetrates his ship and Elmo uses another slice to cover the hole. As he reaches Mars, he is stopped by Darth Chicken, who entraps his ship with his laser beams. Elmo uses the remaining 3 slices to plug up the lasers and send the chicken away. On the planet's surface, Elmo apologizes to the Martians for the empty box. The Martians do not mind; they want it for the "Pizza Box Dance."
(First: Episode 4305)
Muppets Murray announces the sponsors.
Sponsor Leslie Carrara-Rudolph announces: "Sesame Street is brought to you by the Rhyming Alliance."
(First: Episode 4314)

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