Sesame Street
Great Vibrations
Air date April 25, 2013
Season Season 43 (2012-2013)
Written by Christine Ferraro
Sponsors A, 20 and "an Opera singer"
Releases Online Streaming


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Vibrate
SCENE Bob is conducting a small child orchestra. Abby overhears it and instantly falls in love with it, wishing to make music too. Bob tells her anyone can make music and offers to teach her, but she needs an instrument first. But what instrument should she choose?


SCENE cont'd "I believe I have the answer," shouts Grover. Peddling a briefcase and dubbing himself the "Music Monster," he gives a musical sales pitch for some instruments. The "instrument expert" pulls from his case a "stringy-thingy" (a violin), believing the music is made by the mice inside, and the bow is to hit it to wake them up. Bob clears up Grover's confusion, having Ursula demonstrate how the violin works. He continues, showing the two how vibrations make sound. Grover offers to sell her it half price ("No strings attached...full price if you want the strings."), but Abby wants to peruse his other selections before settling on an instrument.
SCENE cont'd Grover now pulls out a "tootle-tooter," a.k.a a trombone. Bob has Lauren show them how it works and how vibrations come into play when using it. Grover tries to sell the 76 of them he has in stock, but Abby still wants to see her other options.


SCENE cont'd While Grover digs through his briefcase, Abby spots the timpani nearby and Bob has Zachary show them how it plays music. Abby decides this is the perfect instrument for her and Bob allows her to play with the class. Grover reveals he doesn't know how any instruments work, but Abby suggests he sing along. Together, they perform "Great Vibrations."
Muppets / Celebrity Kellan Lutz shows Cookie Monster things that vibrate, though he would rather go out for cookies. Kellan pulls out his cell phone, which Cookie devours; it soon vibrates from within him.
Muppets Before Abby's Flying Fairy School lands, Ovejita introduces Murray to another one of the People in Your Neighborhood: Isabel Leonard, an opera singer. She describes what an opera is to Murray.
Muppets A's Anatomy: Dr. Grover, alphabet specialist, reassembles an injured letter "A" that has had an accident. (title card cut)
(First: Episode 4137)
Film A for Astronaut, featuring Soichi Noguchi.
(First: Episode 4225)
Muppets Murray and the girls flap their "wings" while introducing Abby's Flying Fairy School.
(First: Episode 4301)

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Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
The students are in the middle of music class, but the music they make isn't too great. Abby requests they just use magic to play their instruments, but Mrs. Sparklenose says practice is the right path. A flying boombox swoops in the window and they press "play," releasing Morty the Musical Muse (who speaks in rhyme). Before he can leave, they must pass his three challenges. With a wave of his baton, Abby's trombone flies out of control. In order to get down, she must change the pitch; by playing high notes, she goes higher, and playing low notes, she makes it back to the ground. Next, Gonnigan's maracas shake violently, quaking the entire school. To top them, he needs to change the tempo. He discovers that means fast and slow and is able to stop the shaking by moving them slowly. Finally, Blogg's drum starts bouncing on top of him and must change the dynamics of the music (how loud and soft). Blogg grabs the drum and plays it softly, sedating it. The students have learned many new things about music and Morty takes his leave. The kids decide to apply their knowledge and make music instead of snack time.
(First: Episode 4265)
Muppets Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures is next, but first, Murray asks Isabel more questions about opera. She promises to sing some opera, right after this...
Cartoon "Number 20 Song"
(First: Episode 4269)
Muppets Murray and the kids introduce Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures.
(First: Episode 4303)

Muppets / Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures
As rainforest ecologists, Ernie and Bert answer the call of a parrot in danger. Upon climbing to the top of the tree, they spy an operatic beaver chewing down the trees. They confront him and find out he is not doing it to make a dam, but rather to make an opera house for a visiting beaver diva and begins eyeing the parrot's tree. Ernie tries to distract him by making Bert dress as a tree to lure him away, but Bert fears being eaten. They teach the beaver that animals use trees for their homes. He sees the error of his ways and stops, but the Diva arrives, so they use the parrot’s tree house instead.
(First: Episode 4177)
Muppets Elmo and Abby perform a rendition of "I Can Sing."
Muppets "Elmo the Musical" is on deck, but now, Isabel sings a portion of "Una voce poco fa" from The Barber of Seville (with Murray providing an occasional "Si".)
Muppets / Celebrity Jason Mraz sings about being "Outdoors" with Elmo, Abby, Rosita, Baby Bear, Big Bird and the kids.
(First: Episode 4202)
Muppets Murray and Maddy introduce "Elmo the Musical" in sing-song fashion.
(First: Episode 4301)


Muppets Elmo the Musical: Prince Elmo the Musical
Elmo imagines himself as Prince Elmo, aided by his two royal mice guards, who report that the citizens of Tottentot are menaced by a dragon. To get to the town, they must go over the Burping Hill of Beans, under the Friendly Froggies Five and through the Hiccuping Hoop of Ballyhoo. As they climb the hill, they start to sink in until Velvet helps them out. Next, they go under the Froggies Five, who musically count off. They find the hoop and surprise it so it'll stop hiccuping and they can pass through. When they reach Tottentot, they are told the dragon is harassing them with his incredibly stinky breath. Fighting fire with fire, Prince Elmo gulps down some garlic and Limburger cheese wedges (five of each) and defeats the dragon with his own breath.
(First: Episode 4315)
Muppets Isabel musically announces the sponsors.
Sponsor Matt Vogel announces: "This message is brought to you by the National Coalition of Resting People."
(First: Episode 4307)

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