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Sesame Street
Big Bird's Nest Sale
(repeat of 4174)
Air date November 14, 2013
Season Season 44 (2013-2014)
Sponsors Q, 19


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Curly
(First: Episode 4174)


SCENE Big Bird hangs up a sign for his nest sale and welcomes the viewer. Heโ€™s selling toys that he doesnโ€™t play with anymore, and says that all the toys in the nest are for sale, while everything out of the nest isnโ€™t, including Radar. Snuffy arrives at his nest, and Big Bird makes him his โ€œAssistant Nest Sale Snuffleupagusโ€. Snuffy's only task is to remember what toys are for sale and which are not, especially Radar. Big Bird briefly leaves to get more of his toys from Maria and Luisโ€™s apartment and puts Snuffy in charge, but unbeknownst to him and Snuffy, Big Birdโ€™s tail knocks Radar into the nest when he leaves.

SCENE contโ€™d The Count enters the nest area with a shopping cart, eager to buy some toys to count. Snuffy goes over the nest sale rule for him, and the Count decides to buy all the toys (including Radar) for 1,000 birdseeds. The Count counts 20 toys heโ€™s loaded into his cart and goes off to count them some more. (โ€œI love retail!โ€)
SCENE contโ€™d Big Bird comes back and sees Snuffy has sold all he toys for a hefty price. Big Bird asks Radar if heโ€™s excited too, but sees Radar is not around. Snuffy realizes that he may have been sold to the Count and Big Bird is in horrid shock. They go to find the Count and get Radar back.

SCENE contโ€™d Outside of 123 Sesame Street, the Count has lined up the toys on the wall to count. Big Bird and Snuffy go to him and interrupt his counting, so he starts over, counting 19 toys. Big Bird points out he forgot to count Radar, however the Count gave him away to a tall, thin monster with curly hair on his head for his teddy bear collection. The duo set out to find this monster.
SCENE contโ€™d In the arbor, a group of monsters play a game of freeze tag. Fortunately, this helps the duo as they can observe each monster when theyโ€™re frozen. The look at two monsters, but they each donโ€™t fit the description. A third monster is frozen and he is tall, thin and has curly hair on his head. Plus, heโ€™s holding Radar! They unfreeze him and ask him for Radar back, but he doesnโ€™t have him, just his stuffed monkey, Tarzan. He tells them he gave it to someone else. The monsters all leave to catch their favorite TV show, leaving Snuffy and Big Bird miserable.


SCENE contโ€™d Back at the nest, Big Bird and Snuffy look through the toys, hoping Radar may still be around. Kaitlyn comes to the sale and wants to purchase a baseball glove, but since she has no birdseed, she wants to barter with a teddy bear, which happens to be Radar! She tells them the monster gave it to her since hers was missing, but since she found it, she doesnโ€™t need Radar anymore. Big Bird is happy to have his teddy bear back and continues to hold it in his arms.
Muppets / Celebrity Neil Patrick Harris and Elmo show things that are curly.
(First: Episode 4174)
Insert Mando and Segi sing a bi-lingual version of "I Love My Hair."
Muppets Abby's Flying Fairy School must wait, because Murray wants to know the letter of the day. Ovejita provides him with a quart, quilt and queen, which means Q is today's letter!
(First: Episode 4320)
Animation "Quincy's Letter Q Song"
(First: Episode 4320)
Muppets "The Sesame Street Alphabet"
Muppets Murray and Maddy flap their wings while introducing Abby's Flying Fairy School.
(First: Episode 4316)


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
The class plays with Niblet, the class pet. Itโ€™s Gonniganโ€™s turn to hold him, but heโ€™s to afraid to and disappears. Blogg then tries to and Niblet steals his wand. After a chase, he runs into a crayon drawing n the wall. However, they are unable to get inside. Spot shows them videos of doors, which gives them the idea to use a door. After twinkle-thinking, Abby realizes the drawing is Gonniganโ€™s and he can draw a door on it. Once inside, they try and follow him, but he draws a river between them. Abby draws a pumpkin to get them across, but Gonnigan adds a sail. Once on the river, Niblet re-draws it as the top of a mountain. Gonnigan adds wheels to get down to him, but Niblet draws a second hill, causing them to slide back and forth between them. Niblet escapes the drawing and heads into his Gerblecorn hole. They try opening it with a spell (rhyming โ€œdoorโ€ with โ€œZsa Zsa Gaborโ€), but find out magic canโ€™t open it. They sob at the idea of never seeing Niblet again, which brings him out of his hole. He gives Blogg his wand back and has Gonnigan hold him. Mrs. Sparklenose rewards them (and the viewer) with a gold star. (re-orchestrated theme song)
(First: Episode 4187)
Muppets / Celebrity Common, Colbie Caillat and Elmo sing "Belly Breathe."
(First: Episode 4309)
Muppets Murray announces it's almost time for "Cookie's Crumby Pictures", but first, he finds things that are in groups of 19.
(First: Episode 4198) (with "Murray Has a Little Lamb" mention)
Cartoon Counting to 19 using Indian imagery
(First: Episode 4228)
Muppets Murray and the kids introduce "Cookie's Crumby Pictures."
(First: Episode 4411)


Muppets Cookie's Crumby Pictures presents The Spy Who Loved Cookies (rated LTD, for "listening to directions.")
Cookie Monster plays Agent Double-Stuffed 7, who is sent to retrieve the queen's stolen cookie crown from Ladyfinger, who plans on dunking it into some milk. Cookie's superior tells him (via his communicator watch) how to work the control panels to all the doors, but Cookie doesn't listen and is pelted by falling chickens upon each mistake. When he finally learns to listen to the directions and remember them, he's able to infiltrate Ladyfinger's lair, rescue the crown and subdue her. He returns the crown, but pounces on the queen when he realizes what the crown's made from.
(First: Episode 4401)
Muppets "Elmo the Musical" is next, but first, Murray plays a round of "Guess What's Next?" He introduces a pattern of penguins and chickens.
Muppets Ernie sings "I Wonder."
(First: Episode 4233)
Muppets Murray and the kids introduce "Elmo the Musical."
(First: Episode 4302)


Muppets Elmo the Musical: Bird the Musical
Elmo imagines he's a bird; his Mama Bird puts him in charge of watching her egg. Elmo Bird can't go play with his bird friends, when another bird teaches him a dance he can do while sitting. The dance flings the egg out of the nest, with Elmo in hot pursuit. It lands on a farm, during a "Most Unusual Watermelon" competition, where the rooster host declares it the winner, until Elmo Bird explains it's an egg. The rooster tosses the egg away, where it lands in a hat shop, atop a duck's new #5 Hat. Now that it's a #6 Hat, the clerk subtracts it and hurls it away too. It lands at a ballpark, where the chicken pitcher mistakes it for a baseball, until Elmo Bird and the umpire chicken point out the difference. The pitcher throws it back to the nest, where Elmo Bird's new baby brother hatches.
(First: Episode 4401)
Muppets Murray announces the sponsors.


  • The street story features a few edits compared to its original airing. The beginning of the theme song is also trimmed for this episode.

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