Sesame Street
School for Chickens
Air date September 15, 2014
(season premiere)
Season Season 45 (2014-2015)
Written by Christine Ferraro
Sponsors N, 4
Syndication HBO


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Strenuous

SCENE Chris welcomes the viewer after serving some breakfast to Elmo and Gordon. Elmo notices somebody pushing a blackboard just outside the store, so they go to investigate. Outside, they meet the man - Professor Buck Awe (Taran Killam) - who has set up "Professor Buck Awe's School for Clucks", the first (and only) free range chicken school. He hopes his school will give chickens a chance to catch up with others and hopefully, help them become the first chickens to attend college. He proudly sings the school song just as the school bell rings.

SCENE cont'd The chickens arrive for school and Elmo wishes he could join. Buck Awe invites him to stay the day and "learn like a chicken," so Elmo fetches his chicken outfit and sits in with the class. Buck Awe begins school, but finds the chickens don't listen to him (and thinks their clucking is repeating his name over and over). Elmo points out he learned a special way to listen at his pre-school - listening with your whole body. Elmo sings a song to the chickens ("How Do We Listen") to show them how to use more than just their ears to listen. The chickens get the message and pipe down so Buck Awe can be heard.
SCENE cont'd Next, Buck asks which of his pupils can say the alphabet. The chickens all cluck at once, but Buck can't understand any of them. Chris suggests they raise their hands, prompting another song from Elmo ("Raise Your Hand"). Buck adjusts the song, so it says "Raise Your Wing." The chickens begin following the new rule.

SCENE cont'd Now, it's snack time and Buck has some crackers and skim milk. The chickens all ambush him, however. Elmo steps up with another song - "Stand in Line" - showing the chickens how to wait their turn for a snack. Afterward, Buck is ready to begin his alphabet lesson, but the ending bell rings and school is dismissed. Buck is upset he didn't get to teach anything today, until Chris and Elmo point out all the important school rules they learned. Buck is so grateful, he decides to re-open the school under a new name - "Professor Buck Awe and Professor Elmo's School for Clucks," giving Elmo a special new hat.
Muppets Segi and friends sing "Raise Your Hand Up High."
Muppets / Celebrity Wendi McLendon-Covey and Elmo explain the word strenuous by having Wendi do some strenuous tasks.

Muppets Murray Has a Little Lamb
Murray Monster's lamb, Ovejita, leads Murray to another escuela (school) using a pig as a clue. The school turns out to be farm school.
Original, full edit: (First: Episode 4162)

Muppets Super Grover 2.0
At a high school gym, some cheerleading chickens (and Horatio the Elephant) attempt their balancing move, but topple over when the chickens land onto Horatio's arm. Super Grover 2.0 arrives on the scene and diagnoses Horatio with a floppy arm and places all the chickens on his "stronger" arm. This doesn't work, so Grover divides the chickens into twos and places a pair on both arms, causing Horatio to tip over once more. Grover searches his utility sock and finds what turns out to be a scale. The largest chicken finds he weighs the same as the three others, so they now know how they can perfectly balance themselves.

Muppets Elmo and the gang introduce the letter of the day, N, with a song and dance.
Cartoon A boy wanders through a letter N museum.
(First: Episode 4407)
Cartoon Fireflies guide the way to N words in the woods.
(First: Episode 4195)
Muppets Back at farm school, Murray learns how and what to feed the animals.


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
Playtime is over for the students and they must clean up. Blogg doesn’t want to put his toys away, so he decides to sweep them under the magic carpet. However, a magic lock is on it. Once unlocked (using Niblet’s horn), a hoard of Fairy Dust Bunnies are unleashed. Unfortunately, Mrs. Sparklenose is allergic to the dust bunnies and once they come in contact with her, her nose sparkles and blinks once. She sneezes and turns the students into frogs. They make up a magic word to return them back to normal (Gezundenshniffle). Her nose blinks twice now, turning them into chickens. They realize they have to say their word for every time her nose blinks to return to normal. Her nose blinks thrice and they turn into cheese and are then chased by a hungry Niblet. After returning to normal, they call on Spot, who shows them a video of a robot “under” various things. They see that to get the dust bunnies gone, they need to go back under the rug. They make a dust carrot and sends the dust bunnies back under. Blogg, however, is stuck cleaning up his toys. (re-orchestrated theme song)
(First: Episode 4197)
Muppets Count von Count and friends sing and stomp to find the number of the day - 4.
Animation Four chicks group and dance at a party.

Muppets Birdwalk Empire
Nucky Ducky and his mallard crew do their own kind of walk down the birdwalk. They run into the rival gang of chickens, led by Clucky Luciano, who have their own walk and begin an argument. Agent Van Cuckoo lands on the scene and has them make up a walk they can all do together.
(First: Episode 4305)
Muppets Back at farm school, Murray learns how to use a hoe and plant some food. He loves farm school!


Muppets Elmo the Musical: Bird the Musical
Elmo imagines he's a bird; his Mama Bird puts him in charge of watching her egg. Elmo Bird can't go play with his bird friends, when another bird teaches him a dance he can do while sitting. The dance flings the egg out of the nest, with Elmo in hot pursuit. It lands on a farm, during a "Most Unusual Watermelon" competition, where the rooster host declares it the winner, until Elmo Bird explains it's an egg. The rooster tosses the egg away, where it lands in a hat shop, atop a duck's new #5 Hat. Now that it's a #6 Hat, the clerk subtracts it and hurls it away too. It lands at a ballpark, where the chicken pitcher mistakes it for a baseball, until Elmo Bird and the umpire chicken point out the difference. The pitcher throws it back to the nest, where Elmo Bird's new baby brother hatches.
(First: Episode 4401)
Muppets Murray announces the sponsors.

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