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Sesame Street
The Enthusiastic Penelope Penguin
Air date September 19, 2014
Season Season 45 (2014-2015)
Written by Annie Evans
Sponsors K, 11
Syndication HBO


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Enthusiastic

SCENE Chris tries to welcome the viewer as Big Bird rushes back and forth in front of him. He explains his pen pal, Penelope Penguin, is visiting today. Penelope arrives and greets Big Bird with a strong hug. She does the same for Chris. Mrs. Crustworthy stops by, but quickly runs off after being hugged by Penelope, who's used to that happening. Chris explains that Penelope should find a simpler way of greeting people and offers a suggestion - a penguin pound, which Penelope likes.

SCENE cont'd In the arbor, Penelope tries her penguin pound on Elmo, Telly and Rosita, who invite her to play basketball. They pass it to her, but instead of passing it back to Elmo, she dunks the ball on her own; the monsters aren't pleased. Chris points out she needs to be more of a team player and offers a strategy to help control herself - stop and think about how her actions affect others. She is given the ball again and after stoping and thinking, shares it with the others. Chris thinks some celebratory ice cream can be arranged.

SCENE cont'd At Hooper's Store, Chris gives everyone a cone. Penelope loves fish on her ice cream and gives the rest some as well (to their disgust). She gets caught up in her own excitement she eats everyones ice cream as well. They leave, unhappy and Penelope gets upset that she'll never make a friend. Chris takes her aside and reminds her, in song, she needs to "Stop and Think" when trying to make friends.
SCENE cont'd Penelope finds the gang and apologizes for her behavior, stating she's working on controlling herself. They all understand, having been overly enthusiastic themselves from time to time. Chris brings them replacement ice creams and Penelope keeps the fish to herself.
Cartoon "Come Play with Me"
Muppets / Celebrity Elmo is enthusiastic about helping Mindy Kaling explain the word. Mindy is enthusiastic about dancing, but even more so about dancing with chickens. The chickens, however, prefer to jump.

Muppets In a News Flash, Murray reports on "Friendship Day" and covers what it means to be a friend. He meets a pair of girls who became friends at school. Ovejita chimes in with a word - amigo. Murray then shows breaking footage of two Anything Muppet kids becoming friends in the park. Friendship coverage will continue, after this...


Muppets Cookie's Crumby Pictures presents Twilight: Breaking Cookie (Rated SC: For Self-Control)
Cookie Monster plays Shortbread-ward, a Yumpire with an uncontrollable cookie thirst and is in love with the deadpan Belly. Bacob, a wolf, also loves Belly and doesn't think Shortbread-ward will ever control himself enough to be a suitable partner. He gives Shortbread-ward a strategy to control himself - exercises to take his mind off cookies. He does some Yumpire activities, like flying and leaping from waterfalls, but still can't control himself. When given an ultimatum by Belly, he talks himself out of eating cookies and proposes to her. At the wedding, Bacob brings a cookie cake. Belly has now turned into a Yumpire and begins devouring it, while Shortbread-ward begs her to control herself.

Muppets Elmo and the gang introduce the letter of the day, K, with a song and dance.
Film / Animation A girl makes K words out of paper.
Muppets / Celebrity Usher and friends sing "The ABCs of Moving You."
(First: Episode 4407)

Muppets Murray's friendship report continues with a pair of girls. He finds that they are friends because they have similar interests. Meanwhile, Ovejita makes a new duck friend. Then, Murray learns the two girls have opposing interests in blueberries and reports friends can like different things. The two Anything Muppets discover the same as well. Murray's report will continue after this...


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
The class takes a field trip to Puckish Pete's Petting Zoo, but they are unable to leave until they complete Puckish Pete's Petting Zoo Play Along. First, they must feed the Hydra; Abby gives each of her five heads a carrot stick from her lunch. Next, they must play with the Kraken. Because his picture shows him with a boat, BlΓΆgg conjures up a large boat for him to play with. Finally, they must ride the unicorn, who throws Abby and Blogg off. Gonnigan politely asks if he may ride and the unicorn lets him. They all love the petting zoo!
(First: Episode 4307)
Muppets Count von Count and friends sing and stomp to find the number of the day - 11.
Animation Counting 11 butterflies in the garden.
(First: Episode 4302)
Cartoon "Lonely Eleven"
Artist: Mari Jaye Blanchard
(First: Episode 4224)
Song The kids of the PS22 Chorus sing "Somebody Come and Play."
(First: Episode 4267)
cut from the HBO version

Muppets Murray's friendship report continues as he asks two boys about the way good friends treat each other. Meanwhile, Ovejita has now made an array of barnyard friends. The boys share a story about carrying water bottles before switching back to the Anything Muppets, who share a toy plane they're argue over. Murray concludes his report.
Muppets / Celebrity Romeo Santos sings "Quiero Ser Tu Amigo" to Elmo to help him make friends.
(First: Episode 4408)


Muppets Elmo the Musical: Airplane the Musical
Elmo imagines himself as an airplane pilot who is hired by a penguin bride-to-be to fly her to the South Pole for her wedding at 11 o'clock (it being 7 o'clock now). As they take off, she realizes she needs a ring. They crash into a jewelry store, where the clerk states they have no rings left. His breakfast bagel is shaped like a ring (a circle), so she buys that. Once in the sky, she now states she needs flowers and has them land in a flower shop. She needs 11 flowers, but the clerk offers 6 lilies and 5 roses, which Elmo adds to make 11. The penguin stops their flight once again to get some bridesmaids. Velvet places them on a farm, not knowing where else to find bridesmaids. The bride has three dresses to fit, so she turns away a pair of pigs. She finds three cows, who make perfect bridesmaids. The extra weight prevents them from taking off, so Elmo and the others flap their arms, which helps get the plane to the South Pole, just in time for her wedding! (truncated theme song)
(First: Episode 4307)
Muppets Murray announces the sponsors.

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