Sesame Street
If Me Had That Wand
Air date October 30, 2014
Season Season 45 (2014-2015)
Sponsors W, 6

Cookie Monster is taking a walk through Sesame Street and sees Abby and Elmo. They're presenting the number of the day – number six. To help talk about the number six, she waves her wand and six ping-pong balls appear. She also turns the same six ping pong balls into six different-colored ping pong balls and then changes them from six small ping pong balls to six big ping pong balls. Cookie Monster is astounded by Abby's wand.

Cookie Monster starts to think of all the cookies he could make appear if he had a wand like Abby. He must have that wand. He pretends to be a magic wand repairman and a salesman to try and get the wand, but Abby thinks her wand works just fine and she likes the wand she has. Cookie Monster walks away thinking again about all cookies he can make appear with the wand. Abby and Elmo decide to play hide and seek, leaving Abby's wand behind.

Cookie Monster returns in a different disguise and he sees Abby's wand on the table. Alan sees him and stops him. He asks Cookie Monster what he thinks will happen if he took Abby's wand. Cookie Monster thinks that Abby would be sad because she misses her wand and angry because he took her wand. He realizes that he would not want to lose her as a friend, even for all of the cookies in the world. Just then, Abby and Elmo come back. They need Cookie Monster's help with their last important piece of business, turning the six ping pong balls into cookies for him to eat. It seems that Cookie Monster will be getting his cookies after all.



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