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Sesame Street
Friendship Day
Air date February 3, 2015
Season Season 45 (2014-2015)
Written by Emily Perl Kingsley
Sponsors O, 10
Releases Elmo Can Do It!


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Friend

SCENE Chris welcomes the viewer to a special day on Sesame Street. What day is it? He turns us toward Big Bird and Snuffy, who've hung up a banner for Friendship Day, a day that celebrates all different friends on the street. Elsewhere, Leela observes a sidewalk mural made by Telly, Rosita and Baby Bear.
SCENE cont'd Meanwhile, Zoe shows Elmo the moves she's choreographed for their special Friendship Day dance, though Elmo struggles to nail the moves. Frustrated, she calls him the worst. She calms herself down and tries to press onward, not noticing Elmo has already left.

SCENE cont'd Zoe finds Elmo down the street, where he tells her how upset he is and ends their friendship. Abby happens by and Zoe explains what's happened, not sure why Elmo is upset. Abby makes a magical replay, where Zoe sees what she said, though she states she didn't mean anything by calling him "the worst." Zoe attempts to patch their relationship.

SCENE cont'd Zoe finds Elmo again and tries to tell him it was only a word. Elmo replies it's a hurtful word and leaves once more. Leela and Chris tell Zoe, through song, that though "Sticks and Stones" can break one's bones, words can hurt just as much. Zoe realizes she has to apologize.
SCENE cont'd Zoe runs into Elmo and apologizes, telling him she'd always want him to be her friend, even if he can't do the dance. Elmo forgives her and they become friends again. For the rest of the street, they do their friendship dance, which Elmo finally gets right!
Muppets / Celebrity Elmo and Brittany Snow make friends with some animals.
Cartoon "Sharing Song"
Directors: David Cowles and Jeremy Galante; Music: Alison Cowles
(First: Episode 4402)

Muppets In a News Flash, Murray reports on "Friendship Day" and covers what it means to be a friend. He meets a pair of girls who became friends at school. Ovejita chimes in with a word - amigo. Murray then shows breaking footage of two Anything Muppet kids becoming friends in the park. Friendship coverage will continue, after this...
(First: Episode 4505)

Muppets Super Grover 2.0
A duckling wants to go to a woodland party, but can't cross the river without getting her new party shoes wet. Super Grover 2.0 shows up and begins using his powers of scientific reasoning to get her across. He ultimately uses his powers of engineering to design a broccoli bridge, but his piece of broccoli isn't long enough and floats down the river. He pulls out a large log too, but thinks it's useless. The duckling thinks it'll work perfectly and pushes it to the river, where it successfully reaches across. As she joins the party, Super Grover tries to take off and lands in the middle of the party. He decides to stay and dance along with them. (shortened intro)
(First: Episode 4507)

Muppets Elmo and the gang introduce the letter of the day, O, with a song and dance.
Film Owen dives beneath the waves to find some underwater O words, discovering a whole oceanic orchestra.
(First: Episode 4416)

Muppets Murray's friendship report continues with a pair of girls. He finds that they are friends because they have similar interests. Meanwhile, Ovejita makes a new duck friend. Then, Murray learns the two girls have opposing interests in blueberries and reports friends can like different things. The two Anything Muppets discover the same as well. Murray's report will continue after this...
(First: Episode 4505)


Muppets / Animation Abby's Flying Fairy School
Today is Pet Day (to Niblet's glee). Abby brings her pet frog Prince, Gonnigan has his ant Thor and Blรถgg has his banana slug Gertrude. In the event, they see who can jump the highest, using a block tower to measure; Prince beats the other pets. Niblit arrives to participate, only to find they've moved onto the next event. Next, they see which pet is stronger by lifting a sandwich; Thor coming out victorious (despite being the smallest). Niblet once again misses the competition and begins to cry. The class realizes they left him out and try to apologize, but he turns his back on them. They invite him to the festivities and express their love for him, bringing him back. The final event is Best Dancer, which Niblet exceeds at.
(First: Episode 4304)
Cartoon A sad creature gets a hug, making him happy.
Artist: Tony Dusko
(First: Episode 4228)
Muppets Count von Count and friends sing and stomp to find the number of the day - 10.
Cartoon Ten doggy kisses
Artist: Todd Parr
(First: Episode 4274)
Animation Ten farm animals dance at the hoedown.
Muppets Abby, Rosita and Segi plan to play the story of Cinderella, but find out that each one wants to play Cinderella. They decide that since each one is dressed as the titular role in the different parts of the story, they all can be Cinderella. They also welcome a chicken who wants to be Cinderella too.

Muppets Murray's friendship report continues as he asks two boys about the way good friends treat each other. Meanwhile, Ovejita has now made an array of barnyard friends. The boys share a story about carrying water bottles before switching back to the Anything Muppets, who share a toy plane they're argue over. Murray concludes his report.
(First: Episode 4505)


Muppets Elmo the Musical: Mountain Climber the Musical
Elmo imagines himself as a mountain climber and (though initially making a molehill instead of a mountain) plans on climbing Mount BiggestEverest, the biggest mountain in the world. Some mountain goats warn him about the yeti, but Elmo doesn't believe in it. He then imagines up a sheep sherpa, who leads him up the very squarey trail that'll take him to the top. On the way, the encounter a yak, who cannot let them pass unless they mimic his yodels. As they climb some more, they hear some yeti growls and Sheepa makes a run for it, causing Elmo to slide down and dangle from the cliff. He is saved by the yeti, who introduces herself as Nettie the Yeti. She leads him to the top, where they perform the "BiggestEverest Finale."
(First: Episode 4418)
Muppets Murray announces the sponsors.

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