Mopatop's Shop
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering some screams, some moonbeams, or a machine that will help you finish your dreams. Puppyduck pops up with the dream machine because it is collecting dust. Mopatop says the machine will work after they add some moonbeams to it.

In the loft above the shop, Moosey Mouse is dreaming of singing and dancing on stage in front of a crowd of mice when his mother wakes him up for breakfast. Moosey angrily goes down to the shop because he wants to go back to his dream. Moosey overhears Mopatop talking about the dream machine and tries to get it.

Just then, a flower enters the shop and says that she is trying to go to sleep, but the dandelions have woken her up from her dream. Puppyduck brings out the dream machine and turns it on as the flower tries to remember her dream. The flower dreams a beautiful princess picks her and puts the flower in her hair. The flower wakes up and thanks Mopatop and Puppyduck. After she leaves, Lazlo enters the shop and tells Mopatop and Puppyduck that he can't remember his dream. Puppyduck turns on the machine and Lazlo dreams about falling in love with a lionesses.

Finally Moosey takes the machine before any other customer can use it and finishes his singing and dancing dream. As the store is about to close, Moosey leaves the machine and Puppyduck spots it on the counter. Mopatop says Puppyduck can use the machine after they close the shop.


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