Sesame Street
Music Magic
(repeat of 4220)
Air date June 11, 2016 (HBO)
March 6, 2017 (PBS)
Season Season 46 (2016)
Sponsors M, 20


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN The Great Groverini tries to magically make a rabbit appear from his hat, but nothing seems to work. The cranky rabbit tells him to keep it down; she's trying to sleep.

SCENE Abby is telling Elmo about sparkles, when she gets a call from her mommy. Abby must return some books to the library and dashes off, leaving her wand behind. Elmo picks the wand up and tries to make some magic with it, but nothing happens. He uses it for other things, like a backscratcher. He then pretends it's a conductor's baton and waves it around exclaiming "Music, Music, Music!" He then taps himself with the wand, and suddenly...

SCENE cont'd begins to play and he starts to sing everything he says. He is confused at first, then sees this may the fault of the wand. He tries the spell again on Bob and Gordon, who begin singing about their chess game. He then performs the spell on some kids and other people in the arbor. Elmo is happy he can spread music to all of the street and looks for more people to make sing, leaving the people in an endless loop of singing "Can't Stop Singing..."


SCENE cont'd Elmo follows Chris to the Laundromat, where Chris presents Leela with his mustard-stained shirt he needs clean. Elmo waves the wand toward them, and then everyone sings with Chris about his shirt. Elmo moves the wand slowly, which makes everyone sing softly. He waves it faster, making them go louder.

SCENE cont'd Elmo dances down the street, happy with the music he has made, until he sees the people in the arbor, tired of singing. Elmo decides to end it all, but doesn't know how. Everyone else on the street joins them in the arbor, mixing their songs into a jumble. Elmo is upset, when Abby arrives back and fixes everything.
SCENE Elmo apologizes to everyone and says he just wanted everyone to sing. Leela tells them that he doesn't need magic; he just needs to start singing and others will follow. She leads everyone in a song, "Music Deep Inside." Afterward, they all dance down the street, clapping and singing.

Muppets Elmo and the gang introduce the letter of the day, M, with a song and dance.
(First: Episode 4519)
New audio is added at the end, with Elmo stating "M" is for "magic."
Muppets / Celebrity Sara Bareilles and Abby sing "Just Like Magic."


Muppets Cookie's Crumby Pictures presents Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies (Rated LTD: For "Listen To Directions.")
Cookie Monster portrays wizard student, Furry Potter, who yearns for the Goblet of Cookies. Professor Crumblemore states to get it, he must follow his directions to complete some tasks. First, he must separate cookies by color, which gets him into the hall, but also stuck in a giant spider web. To get out, he must do the opposite of the previous rule. Finally, to bring the Goblet of Cookies down from above, he must follow a completely new rule. Furry Potter listens carefully and successfully retrieves the Goblet. He performs his favorite trick - making the cookies disappear. ("Crumby Pictures" title cut)
(First: Episode 4509)
Muppets Count von Count and friends sing and stomp to find the number of the day - 20.
(First: Episode 4508)


Muppets Elmo the Musical: Repair Monster the Musical
Velvet and Elmo imagine up some tools to base today's musical around, but Elmo doesn't think they're suitable subjects. He decides to use them all and become a Repair Monster. Now in a park, Elmo finds he has to fix some things that are split in half somehow. The disasters are caused by The Great Halfini, who's trying to split his hot dog in half, but can't. Soon, everything in the park is split in half. Repair Monster Elmo discovers his wand is as well and fixes it. The two restore the park to its whole glory. (edited)
(First: Episode 4410)
Outro (PBS) Cookie Monster tells Rosita about the importance of running for exercise, and they have a race.


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