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Sesame Street
Mi Amiguita
(repeat of 4408)
Air date July 16, 2016 (HBO)
November 28, 2016 (PBS)
Season Season 46 (2016)
Sponsors The ABCs, 9


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Cookie Monster recites some Spanish words he's learned, including his favorite - galletas (cookies)!


SCENE Chris welcomes the viewer before he and Mando start a basketball game, when Rosita rushes in, asking if any mail deliveries have been made yet. She's expecting a special package today. Suddenly, a pig representative (Eric Jacobson) of arrives with her package - a book called Hola, Lola!, about a little Mexican girl (just like Rosita). They begin reading it to her and discover it is just like the other Mexican kid books she has - they all have kids stereotypically wearing sombreros and taking siestas next to their burros. Rosita wishes there was a book that was more accurate to her life. Mando felt that way too, but fixed the problem by writing his own. Rosita decides to do the same.

SCENE cont'd Mando provides her with some materials. He then gives her the title for her book - Mi Amigita Rosita. Now that she has a title, she needs something to write about. Elmo and Zoe then show up, asking if Rosita would like to dance with them, just like the Ballet Forklorico troupe they saw last week. Rosita joins them in a dance.
SCENE cont'd Now, Abby poofs in to return the guitar Rosita left at her house during their sleepover. Abby states she loved the Mexican folk songs she sang to her and asks her to play "Los Pollitos." Rosita returns to her book, still in need of something Mexican to write about.

SCENE cont'd Telly and Baby Bear now show up, showing off how they've dressed their dolls like luchadores and ask her to play Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling) with them. Rosita declines their invitation and continues to struggle with her book. Mando and Chris make her realize everything that's just happened was how she integrates her Mexican heritage into her life on Sesame Street. Inspired, Rosita runs off to write.
SCENE cont'd Later, Rosita returns to Chris and Mando shows off her finished book. All her friends gather 'round to hear the final product. Rosita can't read them her story; it's meant to be sung! She pulls out her guitar and sings them her story, listing the Mexican things she does with her friends and how much she loves the life she leads.
Muppets / Celebrity Gina Rodriguez recites the alphabet in Spanish for Elmo.

Muppets Murray Has a Little Lamb
Ovejita leads Murray to a dance school, where they'll be learning the "Flamenco." The class begins to practice, but Murray can't get his feet and hands to do the dance together. By talking his way through the moves, he's able to do it! (all three parts combined into one)
(First: Episode 4404)
Muppets "Spanish Me, English Me"
(First: Episode 4503)
Muppets Count von Count and friends sing and stomp to find the number of the day - 9.
(First: Episode 4503)
Cartoon Nine Spanish Dancers
(First: Episode 4262)


Muppets Elmo the Musical: Iguana the Musical
Elmo imagines himself as an iguana, singing and lounging on a rock in the dessert. He meets another, Spanish-speaking iguana, who's upset because she's missing her grandmother's birthday. Elmo takes them to Mexico using the power of imagination and they start comparing houses to the iguana's photo of her grandmother's house. They come across the homes of an elderly parrot and horse, who help them on their journey. Eventually, they find the right house, just in time for a fiesta!
Outro (PBS) Cookie Monster instructs the viewer on "the art of cookie eating", with aid from Rosita and a girl.

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