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Sesame Street
Dress-Up Club
Air date July 23, 2016 (HBO)
October 24, 2016 (PBS)
Season Season 46 (2016)
Sponsors D, 15
Releases Trick or Treat on Sesame Street


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Grover introduces today's theme of dressing up by donning some costumes, including a cookie that attracts the attention (and appetite) of Cookie Monster.
SCENE Elmo welcomes the viewer on his way to the Sesame Street "Dress Up Club," which Oscar mishears as the "Mess Up Club." Abby also overhears and wants to join in.


SCENE cont'd Elmo and Abby arrive, where Prairie Dawn explains that today they'll be pretending to be superheroes and princesses. All of the superhero costumes are on the "BOYS" rack for Elmo and Cookie Monster to wear, while Rosita and Prairie sample from the "GIRLS" rack, with fewer options. Abby wants to be a superhero, but Prairie and Rosita point out those costumes are for boys instead. They dress up Abby themselves and start having a tea party, while Elmo and Cookie whoosh around the area. Abby can't help but ditch the tea party and join their game.

SCENE cont'd Prairie reminds Abby this isn't how the club works, but Abby alters her costume to be a super princess. The others start to see the potential, but Prairie's beliefs about boys being superheroes is confirmed when Super Grover lands on the scene ("I am the total package," he says). He sees the tea party and instantly wants to join, along with the other boys. Prairie sees the club is in chaos and shifts gears, instead having a pirate/ballerina motif. However, Abby becomes a pirate instead, while Cookie Monster dons a tutu.

SCENE cont'd Prairie decides to quit playing, insisting that the whole game is being played wrong. Chris and Nina overhear and lead a song, explaining boys and girls can be anything they want to be. Prairie gets the message and allows for more experimenting with costumes, even becoming a "Super Butterfly."

Muppets Elmo and the gang introduce the letter of the day, D, with a song and dance.
(First: Episode 4508)
New audio is added at the end, with Elmo stating "D" is for "dress up."
Film Two girls dress up as things that start with the letter D.


Muppets Smart Cookies: Long Arm of the Bear Claw
Mona Morsel hires the Smart Cookies to keep the Crumb from crashing her "Dress Up Like a Cookie" party. Of course, the Crumb gets by Cookie's watch and unleashes his giant Bear Claw, which steals everyone's outfits. Cookie Monster attacks it, but doesn't succeed. Miss Fortune's clue tells them the Smart Cookies team is the solution, so Cookie throws his teammates into action, which fails as well. He finally realizes they need to cooperate and they successfully dismantle the Bear Claw. The team then prepares to go after the Crumb, but must first stop Cookie from eating people's outfits.
Muppets Count von Count and friends sing and stomp to find the number of the day - 15.
(First: Episode 4506)
Animation Fifteen animated rocks are counted as they slide down a hill.
(First: Episode 4506)
Muppets Elmo's World: Getting Dressed (HD re-edit)
(First: Episode 4010)
Outro (PBS) Cookie Monster tells Rosita about the importance of running for exercise, and they have a race.

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