Sesame Street
Afraid of the Bark
(repeat of 4310)
Air date July 30, 2016 (HBO)
September 19, 2016 (PBS)
Season Season 46 (2016)
Sponsors D, 5


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Grover introduces today's theme of dogs using a pack of dogs, who drag him away.


SCENE Bob welcomes the viewer while taking Barkley for a walk. Elsewhere, Elmo meets up with Zoe, who's playing the "Rock and Roll" game with Rocco. She rolls him down the block, reaching the mailbox. Elmo tries and sends him further. Barkley, thinking it's a game of fetch, grabs Rocco with his mouth, frightening Zoe. Bob makes Barkley drop him and returns the sloppy, wet Rocco to Zoe. Zoe suddenly doesn't want to play around there anymore and runs off, with Elmo following, confused.
SCENE cont'd Over by Hooper's Store, Zoe finds the coast clear, until dog-walker Grover is dragged through by his dogs, forcing Zoe to run away again. The same happens by the Laundromat and Elmo discovers the pattern - Zoe is afraid of dogs.

SCENE cont'd Elmo confronts Zoe about her fear, who uses Rocco to mask her own fears. Elmo goes along with it and decides to help "Rocco" get over it. He runs off and brings back Tau and his dog, Puna, who wears a tutu just like Zoe. Rocco thinks the dog and tutu are cute, until Puna barks and frightens Zoe away.


SCENE cont'd Zoe hides under the table, where Elmo fills Gina in on her problem. Being a veterinarian, Gina is an expert in dogs and shows Zoe how to properly meet a dog. Elmo pretends to be Gina's dog. First, Zoe must asks the owner to meet the dog. Then, she must make a fist and put it toward the dog's nose so it can sniff it. Rocco's not afraid of Doggy Elmo and applies the lesson to Barkley when he and Bob arrive. Zoe and Rocco are over their fear and holds Barkley's leash while they all go for a walk and sing "Walkin' the Dog."

Muppets Elmo and the gang introduce the letter of the day, D, with a song and dance.
(First: Episode 4508)
Film D for Dogs: A boy talks about taking care of his dog, Digby.

Muppets Murray Has a Little Lamb
Ovejita brings Murray to Little Vet School. Dr. Dave gives Murray an explanation on the various things they do at Little Vet School, like sew bananas and bandage stuffed animals. He also gives them the instructions they'll need for when they check up on a live animal. Murray follows the doctor's instructions and gives a check up to Cloudy the dog. (all three parts combined into one)
(First: Episode 4419)
Muppets Count von Count and friends sing and stomp to find the number of the day - 5.
(First: Episode 4507)
Animation Salty and Pierre, spicy detectives, find the number 5 as part of a doghouse.
(First: Episode 4203)
Cartoon Five dogs and 5 dog bones
Artist: Todd Parr
(First: Episode 4282)
Muppets Elmo's World: Dogs (HD re-edit)
(First: Episode 3852)
Outro (PBS) Cookie Monster instructs the viewer on "the art of cookie eating", with aid from Rosita and a girl.

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