Sesame Street
Don't Get Pushy
(repeat of 4402)
Air date August 20, 2016 (HBO)
October 10, 2016 (PBS)
Season Season 46 (2016)
Sponsors E, 11


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Cookie Monster is happy to have a cookie, but is sad when it's gone. He gets happy when he finds another one.

SCENE Today, Telly, Baby Bear and Rosita are playing school, with Telly as the teacher. Gordon helps them set up before heading off. Teacher Telly begins his lesson on the letter T, which the two correctly make the sound of, earning them a gold star.

SCENE cont'd Now, Telly asks one his pupils to draw a T on the board. Rosita volunteers and excitedly pushes Baby Bear out of the way to get to the board. She help Baby Bear up afterward, not knowing what got into her. Telly sadly takes away her gold star, before bringing the Safety Chickens to give them a lesson - "Give a Peck for Safety and Respect."

SCENE cont'd Now, the students must identify some T words. Baby Bear draws a tooth on the board. Rosita approaches the board, but struggles to come up with a word. Baby Bear tries to give her one, but when she gets fed up with his suggestions, she pushes him down again.


SCENE cont'd Baby Bear is done with being pushed and quits the game. Rosita can't help herself and needs a way to prevent herself from pushing Baby Bear. Since Telly's not a real teacher, they call Gordon over to help. He has a musical suggestion: whenever she feels like pushing someone, she should "Hug Yourself." Baby Bear pads himself for the remainder of the game and Rosita finds the hugging advice works. She gives Baby Bear a hug of his own, as they all (including Gordon) start counting triangles.

Muppets Elmo and the gang introduce the letter of the day, E, with a song and dance.
(First: Episode 4517)
New audio is added at the end, with Elmo stating "E" is for "emotions."
Song "Goodbye, Bad Attitude"
(First: Episode 4515)


Muppets Cookie's Crumby Pictures presents Les Mousserables (Rated ME: For Mixed Emotions)
Cookie Monster appears as "Jean Bonbon," a French monster without cookies. He finds a jar nearby and begins munching them down. He runs into Flantine, who weeps over not being able to give her daughter a cookie. With some help from the narrator, Cookie is able to see she's sad by how she looks and acts; he doesn't, however, provide her with a cookie. He then runs into Epienine, who is jealous of Cookie's snacks. Cookie, too, blows her off. Soon, all his friends march in anger over his selfishness. Cookie soon realizes he needs to share his cookies and they all, with some marshmallows, celebrate "One Day S'more." ("Crumby Pictures" intro cut and "One Day S'more" shortened)
(First: Episode 4411)
Muppets Count von Count and friends sing and stomp to find the number of the day - 11.
(First: Episode 4505)
Cartoon "Lonely Eleven"
Artist: Mari Jaye Blanchard
(First: Episode 4224)


Muppets Elmo the Musical: Beach the Musical
Elmo imagines himself on Happy Crab Beach, run by the King Crab. All the residents are happy...except for a little shrimp, who has the blues because she's too small to do anything. Suddenly, a tidal wave washes the king's crown into some rocks, out of everyone's reach. The shrimp turns out to be the right size and is able to retrieve it, making her feel proud.
(First: Episode 4632)
Outro (PBS) Cookie Monster instructs the viewer on "the art of cookie eating", with aid from Rosita and a girl.

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