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Sesame Street
Meet Julia
Air date April 10, 2017
Season Season 47 (2017)
Written by Christine Ferraro
Directed by Ken Diego
Emily Cohen
Production April 20, 2016[1]
Sponsors F, 2
Releases 50 Years and Counting


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Elmo tells the viewer about friends.
(First: Episode 4614)

SCENE 1 Big Bird happens upon his friends painting out in the arbor. Among them is a young girl he doesn't know. Elmo and Abby introduce Big Bird to Julia, who doesn't seem to respond when Big Bird greets her. Alan says she's very concentrated on her art right now and shows off Elmo and Abby's pieces. Big Bird asks to see Julia's and again, she doesn't reply. Alan asks her again and they see her painting - an interpretation of her stuffed rabbit, Fluffster. Big Bird tries to give her a high-five for her excellent artwork, but she instead runs off, giggling and flapping her arms.

SCENE 1 cont'd Big Bird fears that Julia doesn't like him very much, but Alan assures him it's not that way. He informs Big Bird that Julia has Autism, which for her, means she may act or do things differently ("In a Julia sort of way," Abby says). Elmo and Abby add that Julia is still lots of fun and invite her to play. Big Bird suggests tag, which Julia responds positively to, by flapping and bouncing. Abby points how that Julia's like a rubber ball and they all start bouncing while playing tag, a new way Big Bird has never played, but they all enjoy it anyway.

SCENE 1 cont'd Suddenly, a siren goes off nearby and puts Julia in a panicked state. Big Bird, unaware of this, makes her more upset when he tags her. Alan grabs Fluffster and brings her away to take a calming break. Big Bird feels bad for upsetting her, but Abby and Elmo assure him it's not his fault and she will be okay. On the roof of the community center, Alan gets Julia to calm down with some belly breathing. They then observe the street from above and Julia finds it amusing how small Big Bird turns out to be from their view.
SCENE 1 cont'd Big Bird confides to the others that he's never met anyone like Julia, but they point out that he has friends of all different types and Julia will be no different. She rejoins the group and gives Big Bird a flower. He points out they already some things in common - they both like to flap and play games. They all sing about being friends and start a new game of tag.
The street story is available to view on ( and SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube).
Muppets / Film Kindness Cam
Elmo replays a clip from the story (Julia and friends playing tag), then a similar scenario is acted out by real-live kids.

Muppets Abby Cadabby leads the gang in a song to introduce the letter of the day - F.
(First: Episode 4701)

Film F is for Friends: A girl makes a scrapbook of her friend, Francis, and recites a poem of using F words of their experiences together.
Cartoon "Come Play with Me"
(First: Episode 4505)
Muppets Chris teaches the Two-Headed Monster how to take turns.
(First: Episode 4402)
cut from the online version
Muppets Cookie Monster and friends sing as they wait for the number of the day, which is how many cookies are being baked for him (to eat). Today's number is 2.
(First: Episode 4703)
Muppets Elmo and Abby sing "Two is You and Me." (new graphics added at the end)
(First: Episode 4305)
Muppets Elmo's World: Friends
(First: Episode 4701)
SCENE 2 Big Bird is glad to be Julia's friend now and introduces her to his own stuffed animal, Radar. The two start making their dolls go "boing."
Outro (PBS) Cookie Monster, Rosita and a girl dance fast and slow.


Picture Segment Description
Intro In the PBS version, the on-screen episode number in the theme song is changed to "#4635."
Muppets Elmo's World: Friends (HD re-edit)
(First: Episode 4109)
This replaced the newer "Elmo's World" segment in the PBS Kids website version.


  • In a departure from the specific deal made between Sesame Workshop and HBO (where new episodes air on PBS following a nine-month window), this episode premiered on both PBS and HBO concurrently, as well as Cartoonito (United Kingdom), ABC (Australia) and Televisa (Mexico).
  • The plotline of Julia's introduction is similar to the events presented in the book We're Amazing, 1, 2, 3!, except that in the episode Abby Cadabby is already Julia's friend and it is Big Bird who meets her and expresses many of the same concerns that Abby did in the book.


  1. ↑ Behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot was shown on 60 Minutes in March 2017

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