Sesame Street
Martian Mission
Air date December 16, 2017 (HBO)
August 20, 2018 (PBS)
Season Season 48 (2017-2018)
Sponsors P, 9


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Grover tells the viewer that today's show is all about people. He looks out for some people, but only sees some shoes and grapes. He is unaware that Alan and Chris are people.


SCENE 1 Elmo welcomes the viewer to a regular day on Sesame Street, which proves to be anything but when a spaceship lands in the arbor. Two Martians emerge and receive a communication from their leader, who reiterates their mission - find out what Earth people are like. The Martians mistake the nearby street fixtures (a trashcan and fire hydrant) for people, when Elmo clears up the confusion. He shows them he's nice and friendly and offers to help show them what Earth people are like, as long as he keeps them hidden (it's a secret mission).
SCENE 1 cont'd In the garden, they all observe some kids having a tea party. The Martians conclude all Earth people are small, but Elmo points out that there are big Earth people as well.

SCENE 1 cont'd Elmo and the Martians now observe the activity inside Hooper's Store, where Chris serves Jesus his lunch. The Martians now conclude all Earth people have brown skin, but Elmo points out all the different skin colors as the lunch rush comes in. Alan and Chris suspect a strange noise nearby, forcing Elmo and the Martians to duck out of sight. He continues to show them around the street and witness Earth people in action.

SCENE 1 cont'd Elmo disguises the Martians so they no longer have to hide and can see Earth people up close. They have a close encounter with Nina and tell their leader that all Earth people speak the same language. Elmo shows them again that's not so, as people around them speak Spanish, French, Arabic and even sign language. The Martian Leader has a question - if everyone is so different, can they still be friends? Elmo sings about how "Anyone Can Be Friends," as the Martians make friends with everyone on the street.
Muppets / Film Kindness Cam
Elmo replays a clip from the story (Elmo's friendship song), then a similar scenario is acted out by real-live kids.

Muppets Abby Cadabby leads the gang in a song to introduce the letter of the day - P.
Muppets / Celebrity Alessia Cara and friends sing "So Much Alike."

Muppets Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck
Cookie Monster thinks their video feed is on the fritz when a pair of twins place an order. They order a pizza with half mushroom, half pineapple toppings. The monster foodies have everything, except pineapples, which Cookie Monster has eaten. He attempts to combine a pinecone and apple, but Gonger instead has them drive to a pineapple farm.
Film Nine people do many different things.
Muppets Elmo's World: People
SCENE 2 Elmo watches as the Martians depart back to the skies, their mission completed.
Outro (PBS) Cookie Monster recites a poem about being kind, and demonstrates kindness by sharing a cookie with Rosita and a boy.

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