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Sesame Street
Elmo the Engineer
Air date March 30, 2019 (HBO)
February 3, 2020 (PBS)
Season Season 49 (2018-2019)
Sponsors E, 19


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Big Bird and Grover set up today's theme of engineers, having engineered a large block tower (which topples over).

SCENE 1 Elmo sets up a makeshift city in his living room. Louie compliments his skills as an engineer. The clock indicates it's time for Elmo's bath and Louie tells him to clean up the toys on the floor. Elmo begins to think and proposes he engineer a device that can put away his toys for him.


SCENE 1 cont'd Elmo attempts to whack the toys into the basket across the living room with a tennis racket, which only manages to land one toy out of several. Guy Smiley appears to turn the experience into "The Toy Pick-Up Challenge." Elmo stumbles onto a possible solution - the drum peddle, which acts as a lever and moves in a more consistent manner than a tennis racket. Guy Smiley turns to the "Action Cam" to show off other examples of levers (including an errant photo of his Aunt Martha). They test out the peddle, which catapults a few inches, not far enough to reach the basket. Louie encourages Elmo to keep trying and suggests making the peddle longer.
SCENE 1 cont'd After an Action Cam recap, Guy sees Elmo has attached a ruler to the peddle, as well as a bowl to keep the toys in place. The new lever flings the toy farther than the previous model, but still not far enough to land in the basket.
SCENE 1 cont'd After another Action Cam segment, Elmo has replaced the ruler with a longer golf club. Elmo's new lever works perfectly and sends his toy right into the basket. Guy celebrates, losing his hairpiece in the process. Louie compliments Elmo's engineering skills and remarks that they could use a new device to sweep up the game show's confetti.
Muppets / Film Plan the Play
Elmo replays scenes from the street plot, followed by footage of a boy who engineers a way to pick up paperclips from the floor.

Muppets Abby Cadabby leads the gang in a song to introduce the letter of the day - E.
Film E is for Engineer: Sofia visits her cousin Roxanne, a mechanical engineer, and the two create a flashlight.
Muppets Abby, Elmo and Rosita visit Abby's fairy garden clubhouse to take the "People in Your Neighborhood Challenge." Sunny, their sunflower friend, spots an engineer, who challenges them to build a block house large enough for a stuffed animal.
Muppets Cookie Monster and friends sing as they wait for the number of the day, which is how many cookies are being baked for him (to eat). Today's number is 19.
(First: Episode 4723)
In this airing, the Count counts the individual cookies.
Muppets Elmo's World: Building Things (HD re-edit)
(First: Episode 4120)
SCENE 2 Louie and Mae play with Elmo's machine as they sign off.
Outro (PBS) Cookie Monster tells Rosita about the importance of running for exercise, and they have a race.

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