Fraggle Rock
Air Date January 5, 1987
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Wayne Moss

Red and Cotterpin encounter Mavis.


Doc and Sprocket with a surprisingly similar mirror.

On Red Fraggle's birthday, she and Cotterpin Doozer find a talking mirror named Mavis. Mavis ends up directing Red to a tunnel leading to The Gorgs' Castle. While Pa Gorg and Junior Gorg are out unsticking Honkfish, Ma Gorg is left by herself on her birthday. Although Mavis wants to be a birthday present for Ma Gorg, Red wants Mavis as her birthday present.

Meanwhile, Doc and Sprocket are dealing with a surprisingly similar mirror from Ms. Ardath.

Supporting cast



  • A season two episode of Mopatop's Shop is also called "Mirror, Mirror".
  • The "outer space" mirror on the German version of the episode is of a slightly different design than the one on the North-American version of the show.

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