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Sesame Street
Back to Nature
Air date May 9, 2020 (HBO)
February 1, 2021 (PBS)
Season Season 50 (2019-2020)
Sponsors N, 11


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Grover introduces today's theme of nature in the garden, where he's frightened off by a bear.
(First: Episode 4617)


SCENE 1 Today, Abby and Rudy are planting flowers in the garden with their mother, all without using magic. Chris comes by and admires their flowers, as well as all of nature. Rudy doesn't know what "nature" is, leading to a rap song about it with plenty of flora and fauna joining in. Chris muses that he wishes he could experience nature more often, having to spend most days working in Hooper's Store. Abby wants to give Chris some flowers to bring a little nature into the store, but they've all been planted. Maggie permits the use of magic this time, but won't allow Abby to use her grown-up wand; it's much more powerful than Abby's. She poofs up some potted plants for Abby and Rudy to give to Chris, and they all go their separate ways...with Maggie neglecting to take her wand with her.

SCENE 1 cont'd Mr. Johnson comes to Hooper's for his usual breakfast, when Abby and Rudy drop off the flowers they've brought. Chris is thankful, but they put Mr. Johnson in a sneezing fit, forcing Chris to leave them outside. Abby and Rudy look for some other things from nature they can bring instead, when Abby sees her mommy's wand left behind. Although Rudy advises against using it without permission, Abby believes their considerate intentions will make it alright.

SCENE 1 cont'd Abby and Rudy return to Hooper's, where Abby casts a spell to fill the store with nature. To Chris' shock, the store is now filled with tons of wild plants and animals. Chris gripes that he's stepped in a small pond now located behind the counter and a wild monkey swipes Mr. Johnson's banana. Rudy thinks Abby should call their mom, but Abby instead wants to fix it herself.


SCENE 1 cont'd Abby gets through half a spell command before the wand's magic takes over, filling the store with more wild animals (including a skunk that frightens Mr. Johnson away). Maggie comes by looking for her wand and sees what her daughter has caused. Abby confesses and apologizes. Rudy expects Maggie will be angry, but she calmly tells her daughter that she's disappointed. Abby asks her mommy to fix things with magic, but Maggie thinks there's a way to help without magic. She uses one of the bananas to lure the monkey from the store, and the other animals follow. Chris is relieved, until he sees the store is still riddled with plants.
Muppets Big Bird's Road Trip
Big Bird and Elmo watch a video message from Eliza in Portland, Maine.

Muppets Elmo and friends sing and clap as they find out the letter of the day - N.
(First: Episode 5009)
Film N is for Nature: A woman who works at an aquarium asks kids about nature and leads them on a clean-up of the shore.

Muppets Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck
A young boy orders a surprise dish for his father, using something found in nature he wouldn't think he could eat. Gonger proposes they make nepalis tacos, which contain pieces of cacti. Cookie Monster is frightened by the notion of trying to eat a cactus, until they visit a cactus patch to see how it can be used as food.
(First: Episode 4926)
Muppets Elmo and Abby pose as astronauts and sing about finding the number of the day by counting Martians. Today, there are 11.
(First: Episode 5016)
Animation Counting 11 butterflies in the garden
(First: Episode 4302)
Muppets Elmo's World: Gardens
(First: Episode 4716)
SCENE 2 Maggie, Abby, and Rudy sign off. Mr. Johnson once again encounters the skunk and heads for the hills.

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