Muppet Babies
Air Date September 17, 1988
Written by Sindy McKay
Larry Swerdlove
Releases Time To Play

Piggy makes fun of Gonzo's looks, and learns that there's more to beauty than meets the eye.


The babies are all painting on canvases, when Nanny comes in and observes everyone's works. Fozzie shows his painting of Piggy to Nanny, but Piggy finds it to be repulsive. Nanny and the others encourage her to look at things closer to discover their aesthetic value, but upon seeing Gonzo's painting, a crude drawing of the babies, she finds it to be horrendous.

To illustrate Nanny's point, Skeeter reads to her The Ugly Duckling, featuring Gonzo in the titular role, however, Piggy is already familiar with the outcome. Gonzo has a different view of the story, which sends him catapulting into the closet. Gonzo asserts how beautiful his flight was, which inspires him to make something in the closet. As Fozzie and Animal find their way in, Kermit reads the story of Beauty and the Beast to Piggy. Woodsman Kermit sends his daughter Piggy to meet the Beast which rescued him, but the Beast turns out to be a homemade monster created by Gonzo, Animal and Fozzie.

Scooter and Rowlf motivate Gonzo to express his inner beauty to Piggy, but instead of him, she is infatuated with Cyrano de Bergerac on the television. She imagines herself in a Shakespearean setting, hearing the beautiful one-liners of Cyrano down below. Gonzo comes onto the scene, proclaiming himself as "Cyranose de Gonzorac," and tries to woo Piggy with his own verses, but gets entangled with a barrage of suggestions from Cyrano, C. D. Bales, and the other babies. Fed up, Gonzo confesses his true affection for Piggy, and both earn applause from everyone.




Muppet Babies: Baby Kermit, Baby Piggy, Baby Fozzie, Baby Gonzo, Baby Rowlf, Baby Scooter, Baby Skeeter, Baby Animal
Supporting Characters: Nanny


  • In one shot, the bookshelf behind Fozzie contains several books titled in hanja writing, a form of Korean language. AKOM, the series' contractor for overseas production, is based in Korea.


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