Fraggle Rock
Air Date January 19, 1987
Written by Laura Phillips
Director Eric Till

Sprocket finding another entrance into...

...and through the ceiling of Fraggle Rock.

The unlikely trio singing "Travellin' Free."

The episode begins with Doc and Sprocket taking a walk in Waterside Park. After they cross a bridge, Sprocket runs off into a Fraggle hole. He and Wrench Doozer then accompany Gobo on an exploring trip to Greyrock Ridge. Because Gobo doesn't believe that he has an "inner voice," he doesn't heed his feeling that they all might be in danger.

Supporting cast



  • As Wrench faces the dangers of Greyrock Ridge, Sprocket rescues him from being buried in an avalanche of "Kellogg's Honey Smacks," used in the production to simulate pebbles.

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