The Muppet Show
Guest Debbie Harry
Production August 4-6, 1980
Releases Best of the Muppet Show


Debbie Harry and friends

Jim Henson, Debbie Harry, and the band from the taping of the "Call Me" number.

Robin's Frog Scout troop visits the show, getting in everyone's way backstage. They ask Debbie for help earning their punk merit badges, and she teaches them how to do the pogo. When Gonzo cancels his act, the Frog Scouts get their chance to do a performance of close-order drills.



  • Kermit and Debbie's duet is one of the few times when The Muppet Movie is mentioned on the show -- see also episodes 322 and 418. Debbie lists rainbow songs that they could sing, and Kermit says she left one rainbow song out -- "my rainbow song."
  • The Newsman makes a backstage reference in his News Flash: "Famous French clothing designer David Lazour was arrested today under poultry laws for designing clothes that can suddenly turn into chickens." David Lazer was the show's executive producer.
  • "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" puppet was used on Muppets Tonight, except always referred to as Mulch, and in those appearances is Dr Phil van Neuter's brother-in-law/lab assistant.



Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Animal, Gonzo, Robin the Frog, Mulch, Gargoyle, Link Hogthrob, Dr. Julius Strangepork, Pops, Statler and Waldorf, The Newsman, Wayne, Frog Scouts, Mrs. Appleby, Quongo, Timmy Monster, Alexander Beetle

Background Muppets:

Gaffer, Butch, Borogrove, Rats, Chickens, Sharks, Demons, Whatnots, Frackles


Jim Henson as Kermit the Frog, Waldorf, the Newsman and Link Hogthrob
Frank Oz as Miss Piggy, Animal and Woman
Jerry Nelson as Robin, Dr. Julius Strangepork, Mulch and Pops
Richard Hunt as Scooter, Wayne, Statler, Frog Scout and Quongo
Dave Goelz as Gonzo, Timmy Monster and Frog Scout
Louise Gold as Gargoyle and Frog Scout
Steve Whitmire as Frog Scout and Alexander Beetle
Kathy Mullen as Mrs. Appleby, Gaffer and Girl with Beetle


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