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Muppet Babies
Elm Street Babies.png
Air Date November 5, 1988
Written by Tony Marino
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Skeeter dreams about being on an expedition in the swamp looking for the sneaker-footed butterfly. When they're chased by the Creature from the Haunted Sea, a captured Baby Piggy demands Skeeter remove the creature from the dream, but it's been revealed that its presence is the conjuring of Baby Animal.

Back in the Nursery, the babies find themselves unable to sleep. Humming The Twilight Zone theme and entering "the dream zone", Baby Gonzo convinces them to share their dreams. Baby Kermit relates his dream about being at a saloon in the old west where he's challenged to a water pistol duel with Gonzo as Silly the Kid. The dream ends when it begins raining sand inside the saloon.

Outside of the dream, Baby Gonzo has been throwing sand on Kermit while he sleeps, explaining that he's The Sandman, "the guy who goes around sprinkling magic sand on everybody so they can go to sleep and dream."

Meanwhile, Baby Scooter has remained asleep, so Gonzo, as The Sandman, enters his dream to find Scooter as the captain of a yellow submarine he calls a "dream boat."

In Baby Rowlf's dream, he finds himself singing at a sock hop in the 50s when his voice starts to crack. Realizing that there's a full moon, and he'll soon turn into the Were Boy, he's chased by a group of dogs out into the middle of the desert where he's picked up by Gonzo and Scooter in the dream boat. While traveling through the psychedelic void, they're almost eaten by Animal, so Rowlf asks to be taken to a safe dream.

Gonzo takes his companions to the Leave It to Weirdo show, a house shown in black and white where everything is plain and boring. Gonzo's idea of the weirdest dream ever finds him longing for some excitement in this world, like peanut butter and pickle flavored yogurt. When things get too weird for Rowlf, he screams, waking himself up.

In Baby Fozzie's dream, he's the host of Mister Fozzie's Neighborhood where he waters his plants and interacts with a home audience in voiceover. When he finds the miniaturized dream boat amongst his plants, he wakes up fondling Gonzo's nose, thinking it's a yellow banana.

The stories of their dreams now loudly overlapping from their cribs, Nanny enters the nursery finding the babies fast asleep. As Animal bids Go bye-bye!, he strikes the dream boat with a golf club and watches it soar off screen.



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