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Fraggle Rock
Air Date March 30, 1987
Written by Jerry Juhl
Director Eric Till

Doc finally befriends Gobo in the final Fraggle Rock episode.

Sprocket (front-left, in disguise) and Doc (front-center) in flight. Puppeteer Trish Leeper plays the stewardess, and the passenger sitting behind Doc is head writer Jerry Juhl.

Gobo, Mokey, Red and Wembley listen to a recorded message from Doc and Sprocket.

Ned Shimmelfinney has to move to the desert for his health, and Doc and Sprocket have promised to come with him.

Doc, who now knows about Fraggles, wants Gobo to come along with him, but Gobo chooses to stay with his friends in Fraggle Rock.

However, the Fraggles try to reach Doc again after the Trash Heap gives them the message "You cannot leave the magic."

After hearing the Trash Heap's advice, Gobo then goes to tell Doc the Trash Heap's message. However, he is too late. In the abandoned workshop, the Fraggles find Doc's tape recorder and then proceed to listen to it. After listening to the tape, the Fraggles start to mope back to their caves. However, on the way, they notice a long tunnel with sparkling crystals lining the walls. In the cave, the song Magic Be with You is playing from an unknown source. Gobo realizes that "You cannot leave the magic" is not an imperative but a statement of fact. After some time spent walking, Gobo pushes away a box in Doc's new workshop meeting Doc and Sprocket. The Fraggles, Doc, Sprocket, the Doozers, and the Gorgs then sing an alternate version of the closing theme. While the credits roll, the episode closes with a montage of the characters singing the theme song.


  • The closing theme is sung by the entire cast of the show, with Doc wrapping it up in the same fashion that Boober wraps up the opening. This marks the third of three times that the regular scat version of the theme is being replaced by an alternate song during the end credits. The other two episodes are The Bells of Fraggle Rock and The River of Life.
  • The closing credits include a dedication to Muppet designer Don Sahlin, who died in 1978, five years before Fraggle Rock debuted.

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International versions

  • UK: The plot is nearly the same as the original U.S. version, except that the lighthouse is being automated by electronic machines, which means that there's no longer a need for a keeper. After B.J. and Sprocket leave, Gobo leads his friends to the lighthouse where Wembley and Mokey unsuccessfully try to communicate with the new machines. Gobo then finds a goodbye note from B.J., claiming they've left for good. Meanwhile, B.J. takes up a job as caretaker at a castle, where he and Sprocket discover the second Fraggle hole.

UK and North American Variations

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