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Sesame Street
Gingerbread Man
Air date March 17, 2022
Season Season 52 (2021-2022)
Sponsors B, 16


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Elmo is of the belief that he does not have any books to introduce today's theme, but the book right beside him proves him wrong.
SCENE 1 After introducing the audience to the street, Elmo spots Rosita, who is busy trying to catch a butterfly.

SCENE 1 cont'd Elmo then heads to Hooper's Store, having accidentally left a storybook inside. Alan doesn't know where this book could have gone, so he asks Cookie Monster. Cookie comes in to explain that he does not know of any storybooks, only a cookbook, with which he baked a gingerbread cookie. Elmo and Alan then point out that the cookbook is the storybook, which is concerning because the story is of "The Gingerbread Man," the one where the cookie comes to life.

SCENE 1 cont'd The real-life counterpart does the same, then runs away out of Hooper's Store. Elmo and Cookie attempt to catch up with him, but it's no use. A chant of "I wonder, what if, let's try" then leads to an idea. Rosita's net from her continuous butterfly catching inspires them to use a similar mechanic to catch the gingerbread...

SCENE 1 cont'd The three build a giant net above a red button to catch the gingerbread. The gingerbread does run under the net, but the red button is never pushed and it gets away. Disappointed by the results, Elmo and Alan ideate some solutions, the one Elmo lands on is to put something under the net so as to lure the gingerbread into lowering the net. Cookie Monster thinks a cookie would be good bait...


SCENE 1 cont'd The gingerbread isn't a fan, completely ignoring the cookie and continuing on. Someone who is a fan however is Cookie Monster, who falls for the trap himself in a failure of self control. They then realize that the gingerbread may be thirsty due to his constant running, so they try their trap again with a carton of milk. This is finally a success, as now the gingerbread is trapped under the net. The gingerbread then worries it's going to be eaten, but Cookie assures him he just wants to be friends, surprising everyone. They then all play a game of tag.
Insert I Wonder, What If, Let's Try
Leah and Kai create a trap for the big bad wolf, then lure him into it using Red Riding Hood's basket.

Muppets Elmo and friends sing and clap as they find out the letter of the day - B.
(First: Episode 5002)
Cartoon B Is For Book -- A young boy sings about reading.
SCENE 2 Elmo and Abby list different book types before hearing...

Muppets Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck
A young, Native American girl contacts the Monster Foodies, ordering some succotash (like the character in her book eats). Cookie Monster and Gonger find they have all they need, except the onions that Cookie has already eaten (giving him halitosis). Gonger feeds him a mint and directs them to the farm to get an onion.
(First: Episode 4813)
Muppets Elmo and Abby pose as astronauts and sing about finding the number of the day by counting Martians. Today, there are 16.
(First: Episode 5101)
Celebrity Hailee Steinfeld sings "I Wonder, What If, Let's Try."
(First: Episode 5103)
Muppets Elmo's World: Books
(First: Episode 4728)
SCENE 3 Elmo signs off with the gingerbread man, then reads "The Gingerbread Man" once more.

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