The Muppet Show
Guest Roger Moore
Production April 29 - May 2, 1980
Premiere September 1980
Releases Best of the Muppet Show
Very Best...



Kermit calls the Secret Service to hire real spies for Roger's closing number. (They're listed in the Yellow Pages.) However, Roger wants to do a cute, cuddly version of "Talk to the Animals". The spies, anxious for a chance to rub out James Bond, pose as fluffy animals to infiltrate the number.



  • The "In the Navy" number alone took a day and a half to shoot.
  • A segment of "Slow Boat to China" can be seen being performed on Of Muppets and Men.




Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Scooter, Rowlf the Dog, Statler and Waldorf, Swedish Chef, Annie Sue Pig, Lew Zealand, Beauregard, Janice, Link Hogthrob, Louis Kazagger, The Newsman, Boo Mortmorkinson, Frackles, Butch, Gnu, Quongo the Wild Mountain Gorilla, Baskerville, Afghan Hound, Mackerel, Rabbit, Deer, Squirrels, Pigs

Background Muppets:

Gaffer, Ronald Duck, T.R. the Rooster, Lips, Trumpet Girl, Floyd Pepper, Animal, Zoot, Nigel, Male Koozebanian, Luncheon Counter Monster, Koozebanian Phoob, Shakey Sanchez, Beakie, Snowth, Old Skyball Paint, Cows, Goat, Sheep, Chickens, Fish, Crocodiles


Jim Henson as Kermit the Frog, Rowlf, Viking Pig, Villager, Waldorf, Link Hogthrob, the Newsman and the Swedish Chef
Frank Oz as Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and Boo Mortmorkinson
Jerry Nelson as Pops, Lew Zealand, Louis Kazagger, Spy, Viking Pigs, Quongo and Gnu
Richard Hunt as Scooter, Janice, Statler, Bruno, Otter, Handcuff Salesman and Viking Pig
Dave Goelz as Beauregard, Spy, Mackerel, Baskerville, Viking Pig and Figurehead
Steve Whitmire as Viking Pig, Rizzo the Rat, Spy, Deer and Rabbit
Louise Gold as Annie Sue Pig and Villager
Kathy Mullen as Gaffer and Villager
Karen Prell
Betsy Baytos
Brian Muehl as Butch


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