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Sesame Street
Abby's Magical Sleepover
Air date November 30, 2023
Season Season 54 (2023-2024)
Sponsors N, 2


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Elmo and Grover set up today's theme of nighttime, but first must wait for the sun to set (which takes awhile).
(First: Episode 5102)
SCENE 1 Charlie and Gabrielle are heading to Abby's place for a sleepover, and Grandma Nell makes sure they have everything they need.


SCENE 1 cont'd To prepare, Abby's tidies up the place with some magic and talks to the unicorn on a framed picture, Lucy (Pam Arciero). Rudy, unbeknownst to Abby, is in the room. And when he's found hiding in a pile of toys, he asks if he can join the sleepover too. Abby says it's just for her and her friends, but Rudy can come in later when they play games. Charlie and Gabrielle then arrive, and they exchange pajama compliments (Abby's having a star pattern, Charlie's a dog pattern, and Gabrielle's bunnies). Rudy leaves.
SCENE 1 cont'd Rudy hears laughing, wondering if games have begun. They are not playing games, but still bonding over PJs. Rudy then shows off his pajamas and leaves again.


SCENE 1 cont'd The sleepover has officially begun, and Abby magics up some music and leads a song. Abby then magically sets beds for Charlie and Gabrielle with the same theme as their pajamas.
SCENE 1 cont'd Rudy hears laughter again, and wonders if it's game time. Abby decides it is, and they ponder what game to play. Rudy suggests Simon Says, and they play a game with Rudy as Simon. Rudy plays games all night, and in the middle of an "I Spy" game, falls asleep. Freddy arrives to pick him up.
SCENE 1 cont'd Abby, Charlie, and Gabrielle then begin their nighttime routines. After brushing their teeth, the three of them all do their hair, but in different ways. Abby asks Gabrielle where her brushes are, and both she and Charlie say brushing their hair is not part of their bedtime routines. Abby asks what they do, and Charlie explains she sprays her hair with conditioner to prevent knots and tangles, and Gabrielle explains she keeps a bonnet on her head for the same purpose. Abby explains that brushing her hair also prevents knots and tangles. Gabrielle points out that their routines are both different and the same.
SCENE 1 cont'd Maggie puts the three to bed with a bedtime story and a little bit of magic. Gabrielle then remembers the last part of her routine: reciting what she's grateful for. She's grateful for all the fun they've had today. Abby and Charlie concur.
Insert Celebrating Me, Celebrating You, Celebrating Us!
Jacob and Nick tell each other about their bedtime routines. Nick and Jacob both brush their teeth before bed. Then, Nick brushes his hair, but Jacob puts his in a durag. They both then think about all the things they're grateful for.

Muppets Elmo and friends sing and clap as they find out the letter of the day - N.
(First: Episode 5009)
Celebrity Maggie Rogers sings "It's Nighttime."
(First: Episode 5102)

SCENE 2 The Count tells reporter Grover all about his bedtime routine. First, he brushes his fangs. Then, he puts his hair in a hairnet, the secret to keeping his hair nice and slick. After that, he removes his monocle, puts on his pajamas and hops straight into bed. Finally, he falls asleep by counting bats. The Count then counts some bats, causing Grover to drift asleep. In come the sounds of the Foodie Truck...

Muppets Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck
For a sleepover with his friends, Jordan orders a healthy nighttime snack. Gonger has the idea to make edamame. Cookie Monster interprets that as "Ed a mommy," and celebrates Ed's great news. Cookie Monster gets salt, and thinks Ed is gonna love it. Gonger says there is no Ed, leading Cookie to put away the salt. Gonger says they still need it, as well as edamame, so the two go to the edamame farm...
Muppets Elmo and Abby pose as astronauts and sing about finding the number of the day by counting Martians. Today, there are 2.
(First: Episode 5013)
Nature Explorers Title Card

Cartoon Sesame Street Nature Explorers
At night, Elmo finds Tango barking at Chirpy the cricket. Elmo tells Tango to get to bed, and assumes it's Chirpy's bedtime too, but Nell teaches him that crickets are nocturnal: they sleep during the day and are up and active at night. Elmo wonders what other animals are up at night, and he and Gabrielle discover that while some birds sleep at night, other birds like owls are nocturnal. Tango finds a firefly, another nocturnal creature.
SCENE 3 Abby, Charlie, and Gabrielle recap their day and what they learned about each other's routines. Maggie then tells them to go to bed. The three sign off quietly.


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