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Sesame Street
Sesame Street's Lunar New Year Celebration
Air date February 8, 2024
Season Season 54 (2023-2024)
Written by Liz Hara[1]
Directed by Noel MacNeal[1]
Sponsors H, 5


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Did you know there are different types of holidays? Grover claims he did before asking what a holiday is. Elmo and Tamir explain, and Grover recalls his favorite holiday: wiggle your fingers day.
(First: Episode 5333)
SCENE 1 After a big snowstorm, the entrance to Hooper's Store has been completely blocked off. Grover is confident he can get himself, Elmo, and Alan inside, and he tells the other two to run along as he gets to working.
SCENE 1 cont'd Elmo and Alan meet up with Ji-Young and Charlie, as well as Ji-Young's friends Qui from Vietnam and Lily from China, who were unable to get home due to the storm. Lily explains that despite enjoying time on Sesame Street, she and Qui wanted to be home for today, Lunar New Year. The two visiting friends teach Elmo all about Lunar New Year, including that it's called "Xin Nian" in China and "Tết" in Vietnam. Ji-Young then teaches that her family celebrates it too, calling it "Seollal." Lily and Qui are disappointed they can't celebrate Lunar New Year in their home countries, so Ji-Young has the idea to celebrate the holiday right on Sesame Street.
SCENE 1 cont'd So the rest can help, Qui explains that his family begins celebrating Lunar New Year days before, cleaning during the week to "sweep away the bad luck." Lily's family does this too, as well as decorate with banners and lanterns. Qui's family decorates with peach blossom branches and other flowers. Lily's, Qui's, and Ji-Young's families all celebrate the holiday with traditional clothing. Their families do some things the same and some things differently. Alan remembers having peach blossoms at the store and goes to check...
SCENE 1 cont'd ...but Grover has still not cleared the snow, now resorting to shoveling the snow with a spoon ("Always keep a spoon in my pocket in case I see soup"). Because of this, Alan is unable to retrieve the cherry blossoms.
SCENE 1 cont'd Lily and Qui teach the tradition of receiving red envelopes as gifts for luck and prosperity. Ji-Young's family also gifts envelopes, and the three share the same tradition of bowing and taking the envelope with two hands.
SCENE 1 cont'd Alan goes to the store to gather some art supplies but is reminded of the snowy predicament quickly. Grover's spoon broke, so now he's using a straw to blow the snow away to not so great success. He then sweeps some snow away... towards Alan.
SCENE 1 cont'd They need to do something else to celebrate Lunar New Year, and Ji-Young, Lily, and Qui all share their favorite thing about the holiday: the food. Ji-Young's family makes tteokguk (a soup with rice cakes), Qui's family makes bánh chưng (sticky rice cakes), and Lily's family makes mian changshou, which are really long noodles eaten to bring good luck for a long life. Maybe Alan could make some of those...
SCENE 1 cont'd ...if Hooper's Store weren't still blocked. Grover explains that while the straw was working, it would take too much time. So he has a better idea: he will play his drum loudly to cause an avalanche. It doesn't work, and Grover's all out of ideas. "I guess I will just have to go and get my shovels," he says...
SCENE 1 cont'd With the shovels, Hooper's Store is successfully re-opened. Everyone heads inside, and envelopes, decorations, and meals are all set up. Ji-Young invites the one thing that's missing: family! "Xīnnián kuàilè," says Lily. "Chúc mừng năm mới," says Qui. "Saehae bok mani badeuseyo," says Ji-Young. "Happy Lunar New Year," says everyone.
Insert Celebrating Me, Celebrating You, Celebrating Us!
Indonesian siblings Nadia and Alex help their mother get ready for Lunar New Year. In Indonesia, Lunar New Year is called "Imlek." To celebrate, they wear new clothes, especially red ones. The family wishes the viewer a happy Lunar New Year in Indonesian ("Selamat tahun baru imlek").

Muppets Elmo and friends sing and clap as they find out the letter of the day - H.
(First: Episode 5034)
Insert Elmo and Gabrielle are making gifts, which is one way to celebrate holidays. Elmo has made a bracelet out of beads for Gabrielle, and Gabrielle has made a bead necklace for Elmo.
(First: Episode 5333)

Muppets Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck
Michael is having a picnic with his family to celebrate Juneteenth. They eat red foods on this day, and request something red. Cookie Monster gets the ingredients ready for cherry pie and eats all but one of the cherries needed for the pie. He and Gonger now need to head to the cherry orchard...
(First: Episode 5333)
Muppets Elmo and Abby pose as astronauts and sing about finding the number of the day by counting Martians. Today, there are 5.
(First: Episode 5002)
Cartoon A family counts five kleicha made to celebrate the end of Ramadan, five donations for zakat, and five members of the family.
Nature Explorers Title Card

Cartoon Sesame Street Nature Explorers
Elmo and Tango help Gabrielle prepare for a winter trip to somewhere warm, which makes Gabrielle wonder what animals do during wintertime. They discover a squirrel gathering acorns to save for when it snows, a turtle getting ready to bury itself in the mud and hibernate, and geese migrating south.
SCENE 2 Elmo, Lily, and Grover recap what they've learned, including to always carry around chopsticks in case you see some noodles.



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