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Sesame Street
The Mystery Cricket
Air date June 27, 2024
Season Season 54 (2023-2024)
Sponsors I, 2


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Elmo introduces today's theme of instruments with a drumming penguin, a guitar-strumming chicken, and Slimey blowing the tuba.

SCENE 1 Elmo tells the viewer that The Best Friend Band is going to play momentarily, but Nina informs Elmo that the band cannot yet play because Dave lost his musical instrument. The instrument comes from Cuba and is Dave's favorite. On a search for the instrument, Elmo encounters an object he doesn't recognize. He then runs into Abby and informs her of the situation. The two examine the object Elmo found and find that it is made of wood and looks like a large bug. Abby thinks she knows what it is, and the two head to the garden...

SCENE 1 cont'd Abby presumes it's a garden decoration, and compares it to gnomes by a plant bed. It's there they meet Buddy (Martin P. Robinson), a cricket, who compliments what he thinks is a statue of his species and wonders what it's for. The three's curiosity signals Tamir, who says if it were his, he would make it star in a movie. Tamir remembers that the band is supposed to be playing right now, so Elmo tells him about Dave's missing instrument. Because neither Abby nor Elmo know what instrument was lost, Tamir thinks they should ask Dave and Nina...
SCENE 1 cont'd So they do. Dave tells them that the instrument is a güiro and that his uncle gave it to him when he was little. Dave then realizes that the kids found it; the wooden cricket was the instrument all along. The kids are fascinated by the güiro, so Nina and Dave take them to see other güiros...
SCENE 1 cont'd At a table by Hooper's Store, Nina presents a güiro made of a gourd, one made of metal, and others made of wood. Elmo wonders how güiros make music, and the siblings explain and show that they're played by scraping a stick on the ridges or tapping it with a stick. Dave demonstrates that when the cricket güiro is scraped, it sounds like a cricket. Everyone grabs one and tries it out. Now it's time to play...
SCENE 1 cont'd The Best Friend Band performs "Somebody Come and Play." Nina and Dave play güiros, Tamir plays the drums, Abby plays the guitar, Elmo plays the keyboard, and Buddy arrives for supporting vocals.
Insert Celebrating Me, Celebrating You, Celebrating Us!
George and Isabelle find three different sounds you can make with güiros: tapping one with a stick, scraping one with a stick, or scraping a metal one with a rake.

Muppets Elmo and friends sing and clap as they find out the letter of the day - I.
(First: Episode 5207)
Film I Is for Instruments: Luka tells the story of seeing the musical instruments gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

SCENE 2 Elmo hosts "Hey, Who's a Drum?," where Cookie Monster needs to identify if the sound of a bongo drum, a bass drum, and Margo the pickle are from a drum. They then hear music coming not from drums or a pickle but from...

Muppets Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck
The Foodie Truck receives a call from Zooey Deschanel, who orders some banana chips after doing a musical performance. Gonger claims bananas are perfect for music by singing the word "banana" to Rossini's overture from The Barber of Seville. The monsters are all out of bananas, save for the peels, and dart off to the banana farm to collect some more.
(First: Episode 4913)
Muppets Elmo and Abby pose as astronauts and sing about finding the number of the day by counting Martians. Today, there are 2.
(First: Episode 5013)
Cartoon Two guitar players sing about their two guitars.
Muppets Elmo's World: Instruments
(First: Episode 4717)
SCENE 3 The Best Friend Band signs off.


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