Plaza Sésamo
Air date 2006
Season 10
Sponsors R, 15


Picture Segment Description
SCENE Pancho helps a monster deal with his anger.
Cartoon mydoghappy
Cartoon A boy demonstrates why his dog's name is Happy.
(EKA: Episodio 797)
Muppets News Flash: Kermit is at the first day of school for monsters, where the monster teacher and his monster students sing a song about how different they look. At the end of the song, the monster teacher let his students play and Kermit joins them in a game of tag.
Animation R / r (space paint)
(EKA: Episodio 747)
Muppets Telly and his pet flea practice the way someone looks when they feel. Big Bird comes along and wants to see the flea show happy. Telly reluctantly orders his flea to be happy, but when he gets happy, he ends up breaking the wall in excitement.
Cartoon Superkid brushes his teeth.
Muppets The Number of the Day: The Count counts and sings up to 15, accompanied by the Countess and their band of musicians.
Cartoon People paint a mural of a field landscape.
(EKA: Episodio 863)
Film A boy draws a picture of his family: himself and his dad.
Cartoon Two lowercase Rs become the legs of a "rinoceronte" (rhinoceros).
Muppets Kids (with the help of Pancho and Elefancio) sing about saying "por favor" (please) and "gracias" (thank you).
Cartoon Abstract count to 15
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie answers the telephone. Bert overhears the conversation, which involves a baseball game, a rainy day, and a gorilla stealing a baloney sandwich. When Bert asks who just called, Ernie says it was a wrong number.
(EKA: Episodio 733)
Two viewers with Picassoesque facial features in an art gallery critically examine the portrait of a viewer.
Artist: Mo Willems
(EKA: Episodio 797)
SCENE Pancho introduces Abelardo, who is going to sing a song, but Abelardo is too scared to go out in front of the crowd.

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