Eric Clavering as Dr. Bradowski in The Cube


Clavering as the old man in The Cube

Eric Clavering (1901-1989) was a character actor who appeared in Jim Henson's 1969 television drama The Cube, in a dual role as Dr. Bradowski (one of the two examining physicians) and an old man. Clavering was a veteran of Canadian stage, screen, and television, dating back to the 1930s.

Born Eric Simon in London, England, Clavering moved to Toronto as a child but returned to England to fight during World War I. After the war, he performed in repertory companies in Canada and the music halls in England (alongside the likes of Beatrice Lillie and George Formby). He was also heard in several BBC radio dramas, interviewed soldiers on the air, and appeared in such British films as the Academy Award-nominated 1941 war thriller The Invaders (with Laurence Olivier) and the 1943 mystery entry The Saint Meets the Tiger.

Returning to Canada in 1945, Clavering led a "nomadic existence" for several years before settling down to work as a film editor. However, he continued to act occasionally, and beginning in 1957, Clavering was frequently seen in various CBC television series, where his height, lean features, and jutting nose led to countless portrayals of Indian characters. These credits include Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans, Hudson Bay, and a recurring stint on the adventure serial The Forest Rangers (with Ralph Endersby and Gerry Parkes) as Shing Wauk the Obijway medicine man. Film credits included two live-action Disney features, The Incredible Journey (1963, as Bert Oakes) and Smith! (1969, as a motorcycle-riding Indian), as well as To Kill a Clown (1972, directed by George Bloomfield).


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